10 Best Things to Do in Sydney at Night


Sydney is one of the most attractive destinations in the world, having something for anyone. So, chances are you already heard of all the interesting things to do and see during the daytime. However, this Australian city has an equal share of fabulous content to offer when the sun goes down.

1.    Watch a movie at St George Openair Cinema

Summer nights in Sydney are perfect for movies under the stars at the St George Openair Cinema. Held on the Fleet Steps, you can bring a blanket, grab food from the nearby vendors, and enjoy a movie. An added plus is the magnificent view over the harbor making this spot ideal for date night. If you are making a list of Australian experiences, make sure to put include this cinema event. 

2.    Wait for fairy penguins at Manly Wharf

In Sydney, it’s possible to watch penguins at night. From July to February, Manly Wharf turns into a nesting ground of the fairy penguins. This has been a Sydney tradition since the ‘50s with visitors bringing food and drinks to enjoy the show. Moreover, with only around 60 breeding pairs, the fairy penguins of Manly Wharf are the only mainland breeding colony left in NSW.

3.    Enjoy a live music concert at the Marble Bar

Listed as a heritage site, Marble Bar has been open since 1893, making it among the oldest ones in Sydney. Those who are interested in architecture will love its Victorian style and marble archways, perfect to snap a few photos for social media. But Marble Bar attracts people for other reasons, as well, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays when it hosts live concerts. Try some of its signature cocktails and make reservations since the venue is packed.  

4.    Mingle with crowds in Newtown

Thrift shops, art galleries, and avant-garde cinema are some of the things you will find in the hipster suburb of Newtown. In the evening, this area turns into an indie music spot with bars and crowds that make it more festive and alive. Sightseeing tours of Newtown are available at reasonable prices or you can explore it by yourself and maybe grab dinner at one of its many modern restaurants.

5.    Have a stroll at the Quay

The Quay is the most popular spot for an evening walk taking visitors along the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the Rocks. After enjoying amazing views over Sydney’s landmarks, you can have a drink at one of the many pubs on the Rocks. This is an excellent opportunity to try some of the locally crafted beers and grab a meal, like wood-fired pizza or a burger to compliment them.

6.    Late night snack at Chinatown Night Market

Those who love Asian food shouldn’t miss stopping by the Chinatown Night Market to grab a bite. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai are some of the popular cuisines you will find in the lantern-filled alleys. Just be ready to walk since the area you have to cover is not small, but worth every step.  

7.    Visit the Kings Cross

Since WWII, Kings Cross is known as the red-light district where you can find the best Sydney brothels, strip bars, and nightclubs. This is an ideal spot for those who want to experience a wilder side of Sydney. It’s only a few minutes away from Sydney Business District and you can also come here to grab a meal or have a drink at one of its many restaurants and bars.     

8.    Take 360-degree view from Sydney Tower Eye

The highest building in the city, the Sydney Tower Eye, is also the best place to have a 360-degree view from above. To access the observatory, you need to buy tickets but it’s something easily done online if you don’t want to wait in line. Those brave can try the Skywalk experience that will take you on a 60-minute walk on the highest outdoor viewpoint in Sydney.

9.    Stop by the Museum of Contemporary Arts

Working until 9 PM, the Museum of Contemporary Arts hosts the Lights On Late event for adults of all ages, as well as kids. During this special program, you can go on a curated tour, join a workshop, have some wine and listen to live music performances. Be sure to check the Museum’s website before coming to see what activities are planned for the evening.

10. Go on a Haunted Sydney Tour

If you are a fan of ghost stories, you will love Haunted Sydney Tours. They are held all over the city by various organizers, so you only have to choose the one you want and book it online. The most famous ones are Lantern Ghost Tour, Old Government House, and Q Station.  

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All in all

These and many more attractions waiting for you in Sydney at night. The only problem you might encounter is not having enough time to experience them all before you have to head back home.

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