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Beekeeping is a rewarding practice that not only yields honey, but also contributes to pollination and the preservation of the ecosystem. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced beekeeper, having the right supplies is crucial for the success and wellbeing of your bee colony. This article takes a look at ten of the most essential beekeeping supplies that every beekeeper should have.


Beehives are the bread and butter of beekeeping. The hive is where bees live, raise their brood and store honey. There are various types of hives to choose from, but the most common is the Langstroth hive, which consists of stacked boxes with removable frames, making it easy to inspect the colony and extract honey. Frames provide structural support and guidance for the bees as they build honeycomb, making it important to install the right ones.

Protective Gear

Bee suits, gloves and boots are essential beekeeping supplies and should be one of the biggest priorities for any beekeeper. Bee suits are typically protective full-body suits made from lightweight and breathable fabric. Gloves keep your hands safe from stings, while boots should be worn to prevent bees from entering your pants. Even so, accidents can still happen while working with bees. Having a first aid kit with antihistamines and basic supplies for treating bee stings is recommended.

Feeding Equipment

Beekeeping often involves providing supplementary food for your bees, especially during periods of nectar scarcity. Common feeding equipment includes feeders (which can be placed inside or outside the hive) and sugar syrup or fondant for nourishment.

Honey Extractor

When it’s time to harvest honey, a honey extractor is indispensable. This machine spins the frames using centrifugal force to extract honey without damaging the wax. Extractors are available in various sizes to accommodate different beekeeping scales.

Queen Excluder

A queen excluder is a grid-like device placed between the brood chamber and honey super which prevents the queen from laying eggs in the honey storage area. This ensures that the harvested honey remains free from brood.

Medications & Treatments

To maintain a healthy colony, beekeepers may need medications and treatments to combat common bee diseases, pests and parasites. It’s essential to stay informed about the health of your bees and take proactive measures when needed.


A bee smoker is a vital tool for calming bees during inspections. It emits cool smoke that disrupts the bees’ communication, making them less aggressive and allowing you to work more comfortably.

Hive Tool

A hive tool is a versatile implement used to pry apart hive components, scrape off propolis and remove frames for inspection. It’s a simple but indispensable tool for beekeepers.

Bee Brush

A bee brush with soft bristles is useful for gently brushing bees off frames and hive components without harming them, maintaining a calm and cooperative colony during inspections.

Storage Containers

Proper storage containers are essential for keeping your harvested honey fresh and free from contaminants. Glass jars with tight-fitting lids are ideal.


Beekeeping requires a range of essential beekeeping supplies to ensure the health and productivity of your bee colony. From protective gear and hive tools to feeding equipment and honey extractors, each item plays a crucial role in the process.

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