10 Ways to Decorate Your Home Wall with Custom Tapestries


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Do you want to add a personalized element to your home? A tapestry can bring color and sophistication to any room, from the living room to the bedroom. It is an easy way to show off your interests whether it’s a map of a hometown or a favorite quote that inspires you. Tapestries are also perfect for college students who want personalized decor that they can repurpose after graduation. Here are 10 ideas on how you can use personalized tapestries in your home!

This article was written exclusively for One Wall Decor by Grace Fuller of Luxe Tapestry Inc. which specializes in personalized wall décor including custom tapestries, pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, and more. Personalized gifts are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions.

Change up your room’s vibe by changing the tapestry on your wall. Tapestries come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so you can pick anything that matches your style or goes with the feel of the room! 

If you’re feeling blue one day then look at this personalized watercolor “dreamer” and let its beauty cheer you up. If it’s sunny outside, consider changing our personalized “boho woman” to give your mood a lift. Find tapestries that represent your favorite things or even create personalized gifts for others by decorating their homes with personalized tapestries.

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1. Inspiration Quotes

One personalized tapestry that’s standing out for personalized wall décor is personalized quotes! Show your gratitude by hanging one personalized quote that reminds you how grateful you are to have people who love and support you in your life. Another personalized quote says, “Don’t forget to be awesome!” so you can have a daily reminder to go after whatever it is that makes you happy because being awesome isn’t just for Mondays! Create personalized gifts with meaningful sayings so the recipient can decorate their home too!

2. School Pride

Personalized college decor is perfect to show your school pride whether you’re commuting, living on-campus or heading back to school. Hang personalized items around the dorm room, apartment or house so you can remember your alma mater even when you’re away at school!

Personalized sports decor is another personalized item that’s perfect for your home! Add personalized sports decor to your game room, boy’s bedroom or anywhere else where you can show off your teams and support their success throughout the season.

4. Create A Cozy Space with “Home Is Where the Heart Is” Tapestry

Warm-up any space with tapestries like our personalized “home is where the heart is”. Personalize this personalized tapestry with your family’s last name so it’s the perfect personalized item for your living room or family room where you can all cozy up on the couch. Or create personalized gifts for people who are away from their homes so they have a personalized tapestry to remind them of home!

5. Inspire Yourself with “Dream Big” Tapestry

Hang personalized tapestries that inspire you! Personalized wall décor is one way to prove that your dreams are worth chasing. Hang personalized items throughout the house so every space helps motivate you to go after what makes you happy. Check out our personalized “dream big” tapestry here. It makes an excellent personalized gift for someone who needs inspiration too!

6. Frame a Collage of Memories

Personalized wall décor doesn’t have to be one personalized item. After all, personalized gifts are meant to be personalized! Personalized wall décor can also include personalized collages that highlight pictures of the people you love! If you’re looking for personalized gifts for newlyweds or personalized home decor for newlyweds, consider personalized collages instead of just one personalized tapestry.

Create personalized collages with meaningful images so the personalized gift is perfect for someone who has a hard time picking out items themselves because they’ll already see what they want right in front of them. Plus, it’s easier to hang multiple photos on the wall at once compared to just hanging up one personalized tapestry! 


Personalized tapestries can be personalized with images, personalized quotes and personalized collages that highlight meaningful memories. Plus, personalized wall decor is perfect for places where personalized gifts are needed most! Click here to view all of our personalized tapestries.

The personalized home decor experts at One Wall Decor want to help you decorate your life with personalized gifts and personalized wall décor designed by you! We’ll print a photo on a high-quality personalized tapestry so you can create an affordable personalized item for yourself or as a gift. From personalized quotes to custom baby announcements, we have hundreds of ideas to help personalize any space from dorm rooms to nurseries.

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