Keeping the students focused, engaged and respectful in online classes is a constant battle. Managing a classroom is itself tough for teachers, and on top of that, taking classes online is a whole new different thing. The year 2020 had been challenging for everyone. Getting used to the online education system was not easy for students as well as for educators. But there was no other option than to adapt to the new learning style. 

2020 have witnessed some of the most effective school management apps during the time of COVID-19. Smart apps and digital technologies are making schools more advanced. 

Here are the top recommended apps for better and smoother school management during COVID-19

1.MyClass Attendance

Documenting and recording attendances of students is a time –consuming and mundane process. In addition to the increasing workloads, teachers get limited classroom hours, raising the demand for EdTech tools. MyClass Attendance automatically accurately collects attendance data.

This will eliminate the possibility of making false attendance. The software will allow the students to monitor the real-time student movement. It will enable the teachers to generate monthly attendance report easily. Just in a single glance, teachers will be able to track down the attendance of students. The software will allow the teachers to instantly send notifications to their patents about the attendance of the students. 


ClassDojo is an all-time favourite classroom management app for elementary teachers. It is a highly interactive and fun app for students as they can play along with the lessons.

On registering, students will receive cute monster icons, and they will earn points based on their good behaviours. This is the best software to share the track records of the weekly behaviour of the children. This app will help the students with learning how to set goals and achieve them.

3.Google classroom

Google classroom is the best platform for teachers to assign assignment tasks like thesis writing, essay writing, distribute study materials, ask questions, or give surveys in a specific area.

 The software will benefit both students and teachers. Students will receive real-time grades, and the teachers will post comments on the documents themselves. Homework help online will help with creating forms, docs, slides and sheets and forms.


Remind is a popular app among parents and students which comes in free of cost. Telephone numbers will not be visible, thus making sure the safety of everyone. Students will easily be able to archive the history of messages. In addition to that, you can also send icons and voice mails. This will particularly be helpful for parents who are not literate in their traditional language. Parents feel more confident in discussing the learning items. 

They can also attach documents, PDFs, and photos, and you will also see who has viewed the content. 


Nearpod is another effective classroom management app that helps teachers use Tablet for managing content on mobile devices. The app helps with combining collaboration, presentation and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

You will just require a PC/MAC, tablet or smartphones to access the software. As a teacher, all you have to do is create an account, log in and download nearpod app on a mobile device. It will help with sharing the content and manage the flow of the lecture. It will allow the students to receive multimedia content and participate in engaging assessment and collaboration activities. It helps the students to interact with the teacher in real time. One of the best in-built features of nearpod is polls and quizzes.


Classkick allows teachers to monitor students, create and share assignments and provide valuable feedback in real time. The software helps teachers with creating rosters through manual entry, class code or Google Classroom. Upon signup allows teachers to get access to a free Pro Trial. 

It provides the option to learn features through sample assignments and a guided tour of videos. Students will be able to use the Please Check features and Please Help features whenever they require assistance. 

Teachers will create customised feedback along with awarding points adding stockers and additional content. If teachers enable the Allow Peer Helpers feature on the dashboard, students will give each other feedback. Even with staying at home, students will able to seek help whenever they needed. This way, they will not require calling for assistance from the report writing essay help service.

7.Too noisy

Too noisy, maybe a little bizarre, but it is quite effective for students. The app was designed for detecting any environmental noises. It is applicable for both iPhone and Android devices in a classroom. When the aforementioned noise threshold is excessive, the app will emit a beep. The app helps the students become aware of how to behave and also help with regulating the behaviour. This also ensures that students avoid the risk of getting punished by a teacher or educational representatives.


AnswerGarden allows students to ask questions that can be answered with a short phrase or a single word. You will receive responses through QR code, a web link or AnswerGarden’s IOS app. This is a quite handy tool that can be used for group and brainstorming activities in the classroom. It is a new minimalistic feedback tool. The tool is perfect for real time audience participation, classroom feedback and online brainstorming.


Animoto is a perfect application for teachers to create presentations and teaching videos. As the teachers shift their classes online, they face trouble engaging students and making the classes interesting. It will help you create highly interactive presentations which include videos, images and sound clips. It comes with a wide variety of fonts, storyboards, customisations and more. You will find high-quality videos with the tool.


Schoology is a good educational app used among teachers. It is an ideal platform for students and teachers to post-study materials, assignments, study materials, videos, etc. This boost attention and engagement in the classroom. They are equipped with webpage tools for creating lessons. They also have a calendar that helps students with making proper schedules, deadlines, etc.


Socrative is an easy-to-use educational app that acts as a learning assessment tools. The tool helps with simplifying reports and grades. They come with engaging surveys, assessments, polls, etc., that help make classes interesting and measure students’ engagement. The tool allows only 50 students per classroom. It also makes the content sharing process easier.

Wrapping up,

The online education system has become more interesting and structured with the help of fun teaching tools. Although teachers are not accustomed to the new learning style, they try innovative techniques and strategies to ensure that students are engaged and highly productive during online classes. Online apps are perfect for online education settings, and they will improve student engagement during COVID-19.

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