Curly hairstyles are comfortable to wear in layered hair cuts. The different hair lengths stylishly increase your hair volume. Make them look exactly like your ideal curly hair with trendy layered hair.

Do you want to know how to wear your curls quickly? Do you style your curls in trendy styles while looking effortless? If the answer is yes, keep reading to find out how to wear your natural curls without struggles. I have compiled 15 amazing layered hairstyles for all the ladies with curly hair.

1.Curly Hair Weave

Curly Hair Weave matches well with a cute top.

Curly hair weave with layers is easy to create and looks beautiful while reducing your head’s weight. The gorgeous curly hair weave is merely beautiful.

2.Beautiful Even Layer on Texturized Curls

A layered cut on wild texturized curls is a timeless hairstyle.

The layered cut on wild texturized curls is a classic hairstyle—the evenly cut layers with a middle part suit women living life in the fast lane.  Save time on your hair routine. This hairstyle is time efficient and still looks sophisticated.

3.Beach Waves with Layers

Get the messy beach waves in layers to look stunning.

Serve some severe looks with these beach waves in layers. The drastically stagged layers add more definition to your lock with an extra bounce. 

4.Layered Bob and Bang on Curls

Pair cute bangs with layered bob.

Make the most out of the kinky curly volume with a layered bob and bangs. Short layered bob and curly bangs create a fresh look. Embrace your curls most stylishly.

5.Uneven Layers on Tightly Coiled Hair

Uneven layers on coiled hair offer endless styling options.

The uneven layers on tightly coiled hair are versatile when styling. A randomly cut rough layer on your spiral curls offers a wild, young, and carefree hair look.

6.Shoulder Length Layers On Low Curls

Shoulder-length layers on low curls are easy to pull off.

If your is straight at the top and curly at the bottom, you are one of those few lucky ladies with a natural layered cut. Shoulder-length layers on soft curls allow your curls to unravel stunningly.

7.Shaggy Layers and Curly Bangs

Shaggy layers with subtle bangs are a cute and fun hairstyle.

The shaggy layers and curly bangs offer the girl next door look. Start with shoulder-grazing layers cut into spiral curls. Finish the look with front curls cut into bangs that touch your brows.

8.Very Subtle Layers on Thick Curls

A subtle layer is a great way to let your thick curls free.

The barely-there layers on thick curls are a great way to add layers to your curly hair without losing your volume. The subtle layers on thick rings with a middle part delivers a natural look.

9.Steeped Layers on Bouncy Curls

Big Bouncy curls with different layer lengths add volume.

Big bouncy curls with steeped layers are in season. The steeped layers cut separate your rings and allow space for your bouncy curls to bounce freely. This hairstyle will give you a mysterious vibe.

10. Long Sweeping Layers on Loose Curls

Hoop earrings with layered loose curls are beautiful.

The long sweeping layers on loose curls is hands down one of the most beautiful hairstyles to exist. The radiant loose curls with long total layers are easy to maintain with no heat styling. Just wash your rings and let them air dry to look stunning. No effort is necessary. 

11.Layers on Short Curly Bob

Subtle layers on your bob will show off your collarbone.

The dented curls with a short layered bob will make you look at least five years younger. The even layers will enhance your cheekbones and jawline. Throw in some highlights, and you are good to go.

12. Ombre Layers on Your Curly Hair

Look like a trendsetter with Ombre curls.

Get ombre layers to add structure to your curls. An Ombre layer on curly hair will make your rings shine and look voluminous. A simple haircare for your bleached hair will help you maintain the color longer.

13. Shaggy Layers and Bangs

Look like Rihanna with her signature shaggy hairstyle.

With some style inspiration from Rihanna, get shaggy layers and shaggy bangs. The shaggy layers and hairy bangs will make you look edgy. 

14. Layered Long Bob for Your Frizzy Curls

The best way to decorate your curls is a cute flower!

Embrace your wild curls with a long layered bob that frames your face and makes you look fierce. 

15. Short Layers and Curls

Short layered curls are perfect for a casual outing.

Get the effortless chic bob cut for your messy curls. The short layered bob with some texturizing spray will give you a sexy look. Add some caramel balayage highlights.

So, my list of amazing layered hairstyles for curly hair ends here. Style your beautiful curly hair in layers and enjoy the bouncy curls to the fullest. 

Let me know which layered hairstyle made you pick up your phone to book an appointment with your stylist.

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