Home moving is a mixture of excitement and anxiety with always one thing in mind- what would the new home and city hold in store for us? Would I have enough space to set my stuff properly? What if I could not manage with the new lifestyle there? How can I arm with the right amount of time and patience? What is the right time to get in touch with Agarwal packers?

Here’s how you can pack and move eliminating stress:

  1. Start early- It is always a good idea to begin organizing and packing the stuff at least a couple of weeks ago. Believe me; you don’t want hundreds of boxes to deal with on your moving way. So, it is better to prepare a calendar, sort the stuff, and plan well in advance what you are going to pack and when.
  2. Disperse the weight- There’s no point in carrying the items along that you don’t need anymore. It will only increase the weight of the consignment and price of the entire moving process too. Hence, it is better to get rid of the waste by either donating or selling the items to the ones who need them more than you do.
  3. Learn to throw- Consider your moving plan as an opportunity to eliminate the extra things. Learn to throw the waste material out of your house and the extra papers that you have been collecting for so long.
  4. Budget formation- Knowing when and where to spend in advance makes your move more effective. Thus, create a budget by listing the expenses that will incur and arrange for adequate funds accordingly.
  5. Communicate with moving professionals- Once you have framed the moving budget and made a plan further, it is time to speak to the moving vendors. You can simply get in touch with the top-rated movers with just a single click. Start searching for the companies online and prepare a list of the companies that you think are the potential to take over your moving process.
  6. Shortlist, examine, and finalize- Pick at least 3 capable moving companies and start inspecting them in detail. Know about the services that they offer in detail and gather all the relevant information. Read the reviews, check ratings, and feedback on the social media sites of the concerned companies. Also, to know more, read the details given on their official websites too. Try speaking to your elder ones too, maybe any of them have some sort of past moving experiences and they could share the name of a reliable moving service provider too.
  7. Consult utility vendors- Once the plan is finalized, call and let your utility vendors know that you are going to shift to some other place and now you will not be able to continue the services or you can also get them transferred at your new address. Let them know the details on time.
  8. Check lease contract- It is one of the most important steps indulged in a move. Do not forget to check the lease contract with your landlord. Make sure it ends up on the relevant date and time parallel to your move.
  9. Examine documents- Go through the credentials, license, and certifications that define an authentic company. Do not proceed with a company offering services without showing its documents to its customers. And ensure that the movers and packers you are looking for have transit insurance available with it too. There is no point in moving with a company that does not provide the risk coverage against the goods that you wish to relocate. Check whether the company provides legal transit insurance to protect your goods under the uncertain circumstances that may occur in between the journey.
  10. Change of address- After your new address is confirmed, get your new address updated in all the relevant areas including the bank statements and other papers.
  11. Check for storage facilities- If you wish to store your stuff for a certain period, find a suitable place for it. As soon as you know about your moving plan, know about the available storage spaces that will be perfect and extremely safe for your goods. Or you can directly enquire for the safe custody from the moving experts that you have hired. They will give you some discounts too.
  12. Pre- an intimation of dates- To get the desired slots, it is beneficial to inform your moving day to the professionals in advance. By advance here, it means 10 days before actually moving, you must intimate the date to the appointed movers.
  13. Manage kid’s school and documents- In the hurry of moving, don’t forget about your children. Visit their school; get the school transfer certificate generated along with the other important papers. This will let your children study without hampering their routine.
  14. Keep a check at your new residence- Once, the formalities and responsibilities have been completed at your current place, it is time to check for the arrangements at your new residence. Visit the place and check the electricity, water, gas, internet, and DTH connections. Also, make sure the articles that you are planning to carry with you have enough space to get perfectly settled there. Otherwise, you can reduce some more items from your list.
  15. Let the movers manage- And now you are ready to face all the difficulties in a move, you are perfectly prepared for the new beginnings and new lifestyle. Rest the Agarwal packers and movers are here to take the charge. They will pack, move, and rearrange the stuff as per your needs and requirements.
  16. Throw a party- Plan a get together with your family and loved ones. Have a party to keep your mind stress free and relaxed. Don’t forget to develop a play date for your kids too.

Go through these simple 16 steps thoroughly and utilize the above-mentioned information while planning your upcoming move.

Happy Moving!

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