2022 Housing Trends: What Every Realtor Should Know for Success


There were plenty of surprises in store for real estate agents throughout 2020 and 2021. If you’re hoping that 2022 will bring a return to normalcy, though, don’t keep your fingers crossed. There are a few weird trends that might make this year just as unpredictable as years in the past. Developing new skills is the best defense a real estate agent can have against changes in the market. That’s why many real estate agents are learning how to make money wholesaling. If you’ve ever been curious about wholesaling, but you weren’t sure where to start, 2022 is the year to dive in and develop your skills.

What Are Housing Trends For 2022?

Housing trends in 2022 are proving to be even more mercurial than they were in prior years. Despite a market that appears to be booming, many real estate agents are struggling to sell prime properties, and it’s clear that the predominant model for buying and selling has changed. While COVID-19 forced nearly every industry to shift its offerings to an online format, real estate struggled to adapt. Through virtual viewings and other innovations, though, agents found a way to overcome these challenges.

This shift into the digital space has precipitated bigger changes than anybody could have ever imagined. The emergence of digital wholesaling has proven that the real estate industry can — and will — thrive in an online medium. Digital wholesaling entails a web-based search for distressed properties and a calculation of the potential profit each property may yield. Based on this information, real estate agents can pursue leads and broker deals — all without ever leaving the comfort of a virtual office. It’s no wonder why so many real estate agents are shifting their focus to this new field of investing!

How To Utilize Current Trends To Make Successful Sales

Many real estate agents make the mistake of viewing trends in an adversarial light. As wholesaling becomes a major movement, some realtors may feel left behind and resent the changing paradigm. Effective realtors do the exact opposite and embrace the opportunity that comes with change. The popularity of digital wholesaling isn’t a threat to traditional real estate. It’s merely another channel that agents can use to invest in properties and make a profit. The biggest struggle, though, is knowing where to find buyers for wholesaling. Agents who are just dipping their toes into investing may have a hard time developing a client list, but with time and effort, you can create one.

You can utilize the trend of digital communication to increase the number of successful wholesale deals you close. Rather than sending out snail mail as many investors have done in the past, you can get straight to the point with an email or text message sent directly to a property owner. This information isn’t necessarily public record, but it can usually be found via skip tracing and other methods. A lead generation tool is likely to provide this information so that you can reach out to leads and discover why wholesaling is the biggest trend of 2022.

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