3 Common Sports Injuries and The Role of Chiropractor in Their Treatment


When a calf of a runner is injured during the race or a footballer suffers from a hamstring injury as he kicks the ball, it may not be the running or kicking that has led to an injury. In some cases, it is the deep-seated underlying problem that shows itself after some time. So, whether it is previously unnoticed joint or spine problems or years of poor posture, the injury could potentially ruin the entire sporting career.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional sports enthusiast, you can acquire severe sports injuries. Repeated stresses can result in a slight loss of proper movement in the bones of your spine (vertebrae) and joints. This, if left untreated, can interfere with the working of the other muscles and the nerves. Therefore, ignoring the pain for too long without giving them the relevant treatment gives rise to a chronic injury.

So, in case you have gotten a sports injury and are looking for a chiropractor in Dubai, read this article. This will guide you regarding the specific yet important sports injuries and how the services of the chiropractic treatment can assist in curing such predicaments. 

1. Sprains and Strains

A person suffers from a sprain when their ligaments are stretched too far or torn. It occurs in joints because the bones are connected by ligaments. The most common one can be found in wrists or ankles. The patient might feel swelling or even bruising and can experience a temporary inability in the movement of the joints.

Strains occur when a tendon or muscle is stretched too far that it tears. The most common strains are caused in the back or hamstrings. The patient may feel intense pain, swelling, spasms, or even an inability to move the muscle.

2. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are among the most common and frequent problems the athletes face. Runners may witness a tenderness near the knee cap, for what it is known as runner’s knee. They may experience the pain on the sides of their knees and tendinitis. It can be turned into a more severe injury when bruising leads to the bone and causes damages to ligaments and cartilage.

Four major ligaments support knees and they all can be damaged during sports activity. Lack of warming up, blows or twists at the knee or running too hard or too often are the general causes of knee injuries. 

3. Achilles Tendon Injuries

Extending from the calf muscle to the heel, the Achilles tendon can be commonly stretched or torn during sports activities. This can also be the result when the players fail to incorporate stretching regularly during training. They can be season-ending injuries as well.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Cure Sports Injuries?

Unlike painkilling drugs, chiropractic treatment tries to find the actual cause of the injury rather than just treating the pain itself. The chiropractor performs a thorough examination of the problem and inquires about the sports life, medical history, posture and lifestyle of the patient. In this way, they analyze the cause of the patient’s poor performance and make a diagnosis.

The treatment starts with gentle and explicit adjustments done by hand. This helps free rigid joints while removing spinal cord irritation at the same time. While this actual drug-free treatment is usually painless, the patients may experience some sort of discomfort around the injured area. This is followed by a proper rehabilitation plan so as to strengthen the injured area. Resultantly, the treatment improves flexibility while preventing future flare-ups as well. 

To cut the long story short, if you are experiencing any sports injury and haven’t tried chiropractic treatment, now is the time! Schedule your appointment to get relief from the pain as early as possible. 

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