It is pretty natural that every one of us wants a comfy and contended life. And we associate this life with the good level of income and wealth.  It is a human situation and there is no shame in it. There is no doubt that the sound financial condition eases our life a lot. It secures our present and our family’s future. It even makes our spiritual journeys of Hajj and Umrah possible that are otherwise so expensive.

These two spiritual journeys are the divine responsibility for every opulent and abled bodied Muslim devotes. If you are willing to fulfill this spiritual responsibility in a hassle free ambience then we recommend you to book your Umrah 2020 next year in Easter holidays.

Till then, we hope that things will come back to normal after the corona crisis.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, remember that there is nothing wrong in accumulating wealth but it is wrong if you collect that wealth through unfair means in an unfair way. Many a times, finding yourself at lower status with limited means provoke you to get more money even through unethical means.

Fellows! It is the Satan, who is 24/7 busy to distance us from the righteous path of Allah (SWT).  He is human, selfish rival, who uses all his might in all ways to deviate us from Allah (SWT).  That’s why Allah (SWT) has strictly instructed his followers to seek money in right ways with fair and Halal means.  He (SWT) has clearly said that

“Do not devour one another’s property wrongfully, nor throw it before the judges in order to devour a portion of other’s property sinfully and knowingly. (2:188)”

Our Holiest Prophet (SAW) has also called the collection of fair earning another form of Ibadah (worship).

Yes, you can increase your wealth even with Halal Means

If you are a true seeker of Allah (SWT)’s will, He (SWT) also reciprocates you with uncountable rewards. If you even think about halal way of living, Allah (SWT) miraculously create ways and means for you. So why don’t you get the Divine help instead of foul ways to increase your wealth?

3 Divine ways to increase your wealth

We request to have a look at the easiest but divine ways to increase your wealth that you are earning for your families

Be very Grateful for whatever you have

It is the easiest and the most soothing spiritual medicine for the spiritual ailments.  To increase your wealth and mental peace of mind we strongly advise you to stop comparing yourself (your status) to your fellows. This comparison phobia would lead you nowhere because everyone has his/her own struggles of life.  Always say thanks to Allah (SWT) for everything you have and you earn in your life. Allah (SWT) says in the holy Quran in the following words

“If you are thankful towards Me, I will surely give you more” (Quran 14:7)

Increase your Wealth by saying Astagfaar

Consider yourself as the subservient slave of Allah (SWT). Always remind yourself that whatever you have is solely from His (SWT) will. Never forget that “to Error is human” and a man is sinful reature. So don’t shy away in asking forgiveness for your sins from Allah (SWT).

Furthermore, Allah (SWT) has also clearly said to ask forgiveness to get fruition.

“And, ask forgiveness of your Lord, indeed he is a perpetual forgiver. He will rain down from the skies in abundance, and increased you in wealth and children, and make for you gardens and rivers.”( Al-Nuh, 10-11)

Give in the way of Allah (SAW)

When you help your fellow in need, Allah (SWT) helps you in your need.  The Sadqah or alms giving is one of the best ways to increase your wealth and Allah (SWT)’s blessings upon you. It is the divine rule of Allah (SWT) that whatever you give, you get double in return. This is what the following verse of Holy Quran says

Whoever gives a goodly loan to Allah, he will multiply it for them abundantly, Allah is the one who withholds and gives, and to him is your final return (Al Baqarah 145)

May Allah (SWT) keep all of us on right track with the rightful source of income.

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