The THC concentration can be dangerously high in concentrates.

Concentrates have much higher levels of THC—up to around 80 percent—and more potent concentrates can reach over 90 percent THC.

It’s not always clear how much THC you’re getting with concentrates because they aren’t tested by third-party labs like flowers are. But in general, they should be approached with caution by inexperienced dabbers because they contain significantly higher amounts of THC than flowers do!

Dabs offer a more intense high than other forms of cannabis.

Like vaping, smoking dabs is comparable to inhaling a concentrated dose of cannabis. Dabs are created by extracting THC from the marijuana plant and turning it into a highly concentrated form. This extraction process leaves only the most potent THC-rich resin, called “shatter” or “wax.” The result is a product with an extremely high THC concentration—sometimes reaching up to 80 percent—compared to traditional flowers containing between 15 and 25 percent THC.

The effects of dabs will come on fast and strike you, so go slow and listen to your body.

Since concentrates are highly concentrated, you’re consuming a much more significant amount of THC in a single hit than you would from the smoking flowers. As a result, dabs’ effects will quickly strike you. While regular cannabis users may be able to take this intensity in stride, newbies need to be careful and proceed with caution.

Final Thoughts

While most find that concentrates are safer and easier to use than other forms of cannabis, it’s still important to be careful. It would be best to avoid engaging in high-risk activities such as driving when high. It’s also best to avoid operating heavy machinery or making important life decisions while high on THC concentrate. If you want to know more, check out the THC concentrates California-based.