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When you open the Google search option to search for various places; you are shown options that are featured on Google Earth and Maps. One of the interesting features is the Google 360 Street View Tours. Many people think that both 360 Street View Tours and 3D Virtual House Tours are the same but they are a lot different.

Stages Of 360 Street View Tours Development

These tours are a panoramic view of the streets that you want to search for. It gives the person a real-time experience of the place. Before adopting the technology for your real estate business; you have to understand how it developed in the modern form.

When It Was Properly Launched?

This technology was launched initially in the Unnoted States in the year 2007. It was created with the help of a company known as Immersive Media. A year later the people started to complain that their faces were all across the 360 Street View Tours; so the technology of face-blurring was used.

Drag And Drop Technology Was Used

This technology made the search of places quicker. You could drag your position on a specific location and drop the icon. The route between the two locations can be seen with the estimated time of travel.

Option Of Full-Screen Was Introduced

In 2009 you could view the full-screen and also magnify the location by double-clicking the exact spot. You could view the landmarks around the location.

Indoor Tours Were Launched

When the technology of 360 Street View Tours became popular; many businesses began to hire companies including 360 Nash to launch indoor tours as well. These are very popular and started in 2011.

Why Google 360 Street View Tours Are Preferred?

When you hire the agencies that are providing street views or Are 3D Virtual House Tours; you get an image of the best quality and connectivity to various platforms at the most affordable price. The following are the reasons why businesses are preferring Google 360 Street View Tours.

Engaging The Audience

If a business is having various features that are part of the street view like videos, audio, texts, images, and hotspots; then the audience will interact with that business more.

Best For Building Up Business

The businesses prefer the indoor version of the Google 360 Street View Tours because they want their clients to have the best experience. This increases the reputation of the brand and is the best for business building.

Connectivity With Social Media Platform

Many businesses like their clients to share their experience on different social media platforms; so that more people will get to know about it.

Integrated With Various Mobile Devices

Today majority of people use any kind of mobile device. The Google 360 Street View Tours are a form of search option that will work on all types of mobile devices.

Open On All Platforms

The best quality of 360 Street View Tours is that it can open on all platforms Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows, and OSX.

Great Speed Of Uploading

If your internet connection is working perfectly then you should have no issue loading the street view. The loading speed is the best.

Are 3D Virtual House Tours Same As 360 Street View?

3D Virtual House Tours operate on the same technology as the 360 Street View Tours. The main difference between the two is that 360 Street View Tours are mainly for the streets and Virtual House Tours are specifically for real estate.

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