One of the biggest attractions that a commercial store can have is its facade, which is considered the business card of the place. Just like a house, the facade of a store needs to be striking in the eyes of those who pass by, that is, of its customers.

Being striking is very welcome in the same way as the development of the brand in the market, which can reach audiences regionally, as in a neighborhood store, or even win customers in large areas, gaining space nationally.

The store’s facade is the first contact of its point of sale with its customers. It needs to be well thought out, and its importance is linked to its visual concepts that are related to the purchase decision factors.

Thinking about it, we brought an element that can make your facade more attractive: the awning. Continue reading this post and learn some tips and inspirations of awnings for facades!


There are several options for awnings that can be used on a facade. However, we have separated some tips on how to choose the ideal awning and those that best fit these tips. Check out:

1. Choose the type of awning

As mentioned before, there are several types of awnings that can be used. However, the models most found within the market are:

  • roll-up;
  • articulated arms;
  • with Roman hood;
  • retractable;
  • that close in an accordion manner;
  • fixed, that does not close and have an aluminum structure.

2. Decide if the awning will have a sign

Certainly, one of the main items of any commercial façade is the name of the store, which can be written on various materials, such as signs boards and awnings, and which will deliver to its customers a reference point of the place.

The best name option is found in the use of signs. There are several materials that can be used in a sign, such as stainless steel, which besides being a trend, has become one of the favorites in the entrepreneurial market.

The material can be chromed or brushed. It is noble and has high durability. A great sign option for your façade with awnings!

3. Opt for the ideal design for your needs

What can you do to make your store’s facade attractive and modern? Simple: you need to be creative and choose the design that best fits your visual identity.

Investing in the design of the front of your store is essential, and this can be done with different materials, colors and graphic elements. Know how to decide for those that best match your company!

In addition, an excellent awning option that offers an attractive design is the UVE tent. This option can be rolled out to protect external locations, and is widely used in homes, condominiums, coffee shops and restaurants.

4. Choose an awning that matches your facade

Do not choose just for the sake of appearance, but value quality. For places with climatic changes and wind, the best options are those with protective and safety elements, such as fixed and fixed-mobile awnings.

As you still want to visually please consumers, swing arm awnings can be a great option, as they can create new environments and protect from climate issues.

However, it is necessary to insert elements that please customers and give a feeling of comfort. There are many options that can be used for this, such as polycarbonate awnings.

A perfect example is the Ares Max, an awning with a polyarticular arm and a very advanced system without interfering in the architecture of its facade. It has sensors for rain, wind and sun, having availability in acrylic or synthetic fabric.

Now that you know some tips on choosing awnings for facades,  you might wish to get one from the professionals such as SignFreaks. SignFreaks – is the best-known awning company in Chicago. They have a team of experts who help their customers make the best awning choice. So, contact them today and get your dream awning right away!  

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