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Ecommerce stores have taken the world by storm.

With the whopping surge in ecommerce shopping, the store owners must try their best to put their best foot forth in order to get noticed.

Therefore you have to dig out the best way to promote your site and boost sales.

So how are you supposed to increase the organic traffic without relying on the paid advertisement or PPC? Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to do that.

SEO are the magical three letters that will let people know that you exist. The Search Engine Optimisation is the procedure of optimising the website around the specific keywords for ranking higher in search engines like Google.

Now the SEO for an eCommerce site involves a set of rules to apply for making it search engine friendly. For this, you have to have specific pages that will help you to rank higher on the search engines. This is going to result in more organic traffic to the online store. But for Search Engine Optimisation you have an upfront cost and need the right strategies and long-term commitment for attracting the traffic.

Here are some ways of doing that.

Create Solid Site Structure – The site structure happens to be the foundation of not just your SEO strategy but also your site. Your site visitors can be easily confused and lost if your website does not have an organized structure. This enhances the bounce rate and Google or any other search engine does not approve of that.

Your ecommerce store must be created on HTTPs as it is trusted by Google, protects the information shared by the customers and even your SEO gets improved by it.
You must ensure that the load page of your site is great. For ecommerce SEO speed is absolutely critical.

Thirdly, your ecommerce site must be mobile responsive. Ecommerce sites are seen to gather maximum revenue from the mobile site. So you should optimise for mobile as soon as possible.

Prior to your peak season you should also start building the high-quality backlinks for boosting the traffic and rankings.

Added to that, you should write more compelling meta descriptions for increasing the CTRs on the organic search results. This won’t just affect your rankings but also will enhance the CTR can.

Additionally, you should add ATL tags to all images. Not only does it enhance the SEO by permitting the bots to scan the alt text but it also enables the visually impaired people to understand your images.

Pick the Right Keywords – This is the most essential step for making your site search engine optimised. For product-based keywords, you should research high volume searches for the keywords based on the product. Make sure that your pages are targeting those keywords properly.

Experts opine that a variety of keywords can lead to your site. This is because some people want to gather a specific piece of info from a specific site while others are willing to make an immediate purchase.

So you should look for keywords that relate to the product or service that you are offering. These are keywords that indicate that the user is seeking to buy the service or goods that you are providing.

Once you have done that you should focus on those traits that further solidify your brand in the industry.

Create the Blog Posts around Popular Products – Publishing the valuable, consistent and enjoyable contents drive tons of traffic to the site of yours. Remember that your online site is not just about the services and products. In fact, most consumers are looking for much more than a retail experience.

Now if you are ambivalent about which type of content must be created for your site, then opt for the most popular products or services in your store. As they are the most popular ones, you can write the blog posts around them. You can view the most popular products or services in the WordPress dashboard itself. For each item you can see the percentage of the sale, the quantity sold and the total revenue earned there.

Optimise the Product Photos – Image search results are recently seen to be quite effective. That is why experts opine that you must do proper SEO on your images. When people are going to make a purchase the images are seen to be highly relevant especially on Google searches.

You should pay attention to the image meta tag. You should not also ignore the image file name, too. They should describe the service or product in a few selected and well-researched keywords. You should optimize the images by using the image filename and alt texts. Also, ensure that image sizes remain under 100 kb and include the alt text with a great keyword.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow as recommended by the expert eCommerce SEO consultant in order to drive more traffic and make your eCommerce site a grand success.

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