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Today, crowdfunding has certainly become a hallmark of modern means of fundraising. Whether it is for a YouTube Channel or an online campaign with an event, crowdfunding is a very easy social way to raise funds. And GoFundMe is the most popular crowdfunding platform at the moment.

However, did you know that there are many GoFundMe alternatives that might be more suitable for your crowdfunding purpose? There are many websites like GoFundMe that offer more suitable features for your needs.

    1. Booster

    Booster is a creative crowdfunding platform. It is one of the most famous websites like GoFundMe that combines online crowdfunding methods with product fundraising. Boosters allow you to create and sell custom-made t-shirts. The design process is very simple and the t-shirts are all of high-quality. You also have all the tools you need to launch a successful campaign. Order only what you need. There is no risk of overstocking. And the best part of Booster is that a donor receives cool products that they can wear for many years.

    Booster lets its users use lots of user-friendly features to successfully take the campaign forward. Not only are there upto 5 product options for donors, but additional donations are also accepted. You can even share your donation on social media and track your progress.

    As for the pricing, you can set up your Booster campaign for free. Only a 2.9% payment processing fee is charged in addition to the price of the t-shirts.

    2. Fundly

    Fundly is one of the most popular alternatives to GoFundMe for individuals, that offers personalized fundraising campaign pages. Fundly lets you design attractive campaign pages. Their customization options are top-notch. Design the campaign just the way you want. You can also post updates across social media platforms including uploading pictures and videos; a great way to let your donors how successfully your campaign is growing.

     The best thing about Fundly is its customer support. For any issue you face, their team will respond and solve it immediately. It also offers lots of tips and ideas for running a successful fundraising campaign. This will certainly help you get motivated towards achieving your goals.

     Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee plus a 3% fee for credit card processing. However, if you have raised $50,000 or more, Fundly will drop its overall fee.

    3. Razoo

    With Razoo, you get complete freedom over how you want to raise your money.  You can either do it with a team or as an individual. Razoo lets you tailor your campaign page in a customized manner based on your requirements. With it, you get to the advantage of social media sharing and even donation forms that you can embed on other websites. If this is your fundraising, Razoo can set you up with its fundraising coach. This will help you ensure your success. IF you are looking for GoFundMe alternatives, you should definitely check this out.

    For Razoo, you are charged with a 4.9% platform fee and a 2% payment processing fee plus $.30 for each transaction. But it’s worth it.

    4. Indiegogo

    In the list of alternative websites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo is among the higher ranks. It is perfectly suited to people from all walks of life, including designers, musicians, artists, people opening start-ups, and all other creative minds. The best about Indiegogo is that it has a flexible goal structure. So, meeting deadlines is not necessary. Social features are also available. You can easily find a network of people who share your ideas and find out new projects while sharing yours. Indiegogo is also a marketplace for crowdfunded projects. If you are done with your campaign project, you can sell it using their online store.

     To use Indiegogo, you are charged a 5% fee. Also, you have to paya 3% credit card processing fee for every donation.

If you are looking for more such GoFundMe alternatives, websites like Bergeron Knows offer a lot of info on them. So, pay a visit and find the most suitable crowdfunding website for your campaign right now.

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