Most people consider holidays as the greatest time for holding parties and drinking sessions. This might be very hard for teenagers trying to quit drugs. We have prepared tips on how we can help our teens avoid alcohol while celebrating the holidays.

  1. Tips on How to Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs During Holidays: Encourage them to connect with sober people

Volunteering, holding movie nights, and other sober Christmas festivities are wonderful ways for one to experience the holiday’s pleasure without using alcohol or drugs. People recovering from drug abuse need a strong support system to help them through this challenging time. Teens can manage to avoid drinking and drug abuse over the holidays by connecting with others their age who are also committed to sober living. They need to have a list of trustworthy, sober friends they can contact for help if they feel they want to drink or abuse drugs. 

  1. Tips on How to Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs During Holidays: Setting realistic goals for them

If you help your teen see the positive effects of a drug-free Christmas, they’ll be more motivated to make it a reality. Since New Year’s Eve is coming up and toasts are often made in celebration, it’s crucial to set limits to ensure your teen’s safety and well-being. Let your teens have fun during a sober New Year’s event. Don’t bar them from going to sober parties. They need to use the skills they learned at the teen alcohol treatment center. However, there should also be some limits to this freedom. One is to specify a cutoff time after which your teen must be picked up or dropped off.  

  1. Tips on How to Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs During Holidays: Encourage them to know their triggers and engage in sober, constructive activities.

We need to know what sets off our teen’s relapse tendencies so that we can help them through the holidays. They’ll feel more supported by us as they attempt to maintain sobriety. Addiction triggers might be anything that sets off a person’s desire to use drugs or alcohol. Some individuals are more likely to have a trigger reaction to an item than to a person, a location, or a memory. The following are common methods to classify them:

  • Situational triggers, such as a certain location or time period, that prompt the recollection of past drug or alcohol use and subsequent cravings
  • Stress. Emotions like, fear, depression, or anxiety may all increase stress levels.
  • Re-exposure triggers like easy availability of drugs or alcohol. A user’s desire to consume a substance might be triggered by easy proximity to a drug or alcohol supply. The mere availability of drugs or alcohol might reintroduce the temptation to use in certain adolescents, and this is why it is called a re-exposure trigger.
  1. Tips on How to Help Your Teen Avoid Drugs During Holidays: Seeking Professional Help from The Best Rehab in Houston

To avoid the traps and triggers that may arise over the holidays while sober, one should seek the advice of a professional psychotherapist. A promise to improve your health during the holidays is the nicest present you can offer your loved ones. Taylor Recovery Centers’ clinical staff is aware that seasonal stresses may increase throughout the holidays, necessitating individualized care and attention. Taylor’s staff tailors treatment plans to each patient. Reach out to Taylor Recovery’s staff for any queries and for more advice on tips on how to help your teen avoid drugs this coming holiday.