Thinking of buying a real estate property and don’t know how to proceed? Hang on with us until the end of this blog as we will get all your questions answered in the same context.

Investing in real estate is a once in a lifetime decision and everyone must give it proper thought and planning before going forward. Even Njock Ajuk Eyong, who has made his name amongst the topmost real estate consultants in Africa, agrees to the same point.

As per Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer, any person who is planning to buy a property must think about the following factors before moving ahead with the purchase.

1. Location

Before you think about any other aspect of the property you are investing in, think and check thoroughly about its location. Is it too far away from the main city area? Is it nearby to any school, hospital, or airport? These are some of the factors that you must consider before reaching up to a decision.

Njock Ajuk Eyong says that a wise person would only think of putting his or her money forward after taking all these key factors into considerations.

2. Development

It’s not always necessary that you are investing in a property for living or putting your office at. There are times when a person is thinking of investing their savings in real estate just to ensure some regular income and healthy returns for the years to come.

Keeping all things into mind, you must do a proper analysis of the future development of the area and its neighborhood as this is something that will contribute to a great extent in its value for the coming years.

3. Neighbour hood

The price and value of any real estate property majorly depend on the growth and development of its neighborhood. So, if you are trying to put in your money in some land or property, check about the growth and development of its neighborhood during the process.

Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer states that this way, you can have a better idea about the returns you can expect out of your investment int the same property or asset.

4. Returns on investment

Last but not the least, this can surely be termed as the most important aspect of your investment in any property or asset. Check about the returns given by an adjacent property or asset over the past few years and you can have a perfect idea about the same expected from the one you are going to invest in.

Njock Ajuk Eyong wife states that all such analysis and thinking is required before bringing the money on the table. That way, you can always expect to get the best out of your investment in any portfolio, and not just real estate.

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