There is no secret mantra of becoming a successful singer and if you aspire to make it big in the music industry, you got to back your talent with the right effort and dedication.

Sayema Sahar, who comes over as one of the most renowned Bollywood singers of the current era, also talks about her struggle and hardships in the industry, which required her to work towards success amidst all the thick and thins.

This is where she has suggested the following key steps for every aspiring singer in India, who is dreaming of making their own space in the music industry.

1. Stay ready for the competition

There are millions of fishes in the ocean but not each of them holds the capability toe survive the storm. Well, the same holds true with the music industry. Being an aspiring singer, you may come across a lot of competition on your way ahead to the success.

Now, this is where you have to stay prepared with all the determination and confidence while proving yourself at the big stage. Even Sayema Sahar agrees to the same point while talking about her own journey in the industry.

As per her, she didn’t have any godfather in the industry but still stood strong over all these years.

2. Don’t give up

There are no free lunches in this world and the music industry is no exception. No one would hold your hand and take you to your destination. Hence, staying with a ‘Never say never’ approach is the right way to go here.

There would come a time when you would feel like giving up midways but that is exactly where you have to hold yourself up. Doing that, you also need to ensure putting the right effort and hard work towards your singing at every single step.

3. Getting through the stage fright

Singing in front of hundreds and thousands and millions of people is no joke and there may come a chance that you would feel like giving up due to stage fright. Well, this is where you got to face your fears while practicing the same before every given performance.

Speaking of a singer like Sayema Sahar ABP, she too used to suffer from ‘Stagefright’ during her initial years in the industry. Now, this is where she prepared herself by practicing daily in front of the mirror or by singing in front of her friends and family members.

4. Promoting your talent

No one would get to know your talent until it reaches out to them. Hence, promoting your singing talent via various social media or other platforms can really help you to make your voice reach out to millions out there.

Sayema Sahar also agrees on the same aspect while emphasising on the significance of the right promotion and marketing in the music industry. The aspiring singers can upload their performance videos on youtube where thousands of established singers started their success journey.

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