Whether you are serving your nation or you are responsible for providing security, wearing ballistic armour is mandatory. When you are protecting others, you must keep yourself safe from the attacks of the attackers too. Keeping yourself covered with a bulletproof vest, a ballistic helmet and carrying weapons in a plate carrier can serve the purpose.

What is a bulletproof vest?

Bullet resistant vest, which is also known as the bulletproof vest, is a part of personal armor that prevents the penetration of firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions. The jacket has a ballistic plate inserted in the vest which is either made up of metal or a ceramic plate. Besides, the soft vests are fabricated into multilayers to protect the wearer from small calibre shotgun and handgun. These vests are worn around the torso.

Therefore, it can be said that bulletproof jackets are actually bullet-resistant and graded to a specific level of protection. But when you are on duty, you must protect yourself in order to protect others by wearing a bulletproof vest. Access the threats you have to tackle in the line of service and carefully order a bulletproof vest that suits your needs.

But before you make your purchase, here are some of the things you must know about a bulletproof vest-

1) Is it bulletproof or bullet-resistant?

 Bulletproof vests are actually bullet -resistant because they can protect a person to a specific level from a particular type of threats. They are designed to endure specific calibre and types of bullets or explosive shells. 

If you think that a bulletproof jacket will work absolutely fine with stabs, then you must know that for stab protection, you require a different type of body armor with specific ballistic systems. However, if you face situations, explosives or bullets are involved then wearing a bulletproof vest will serve your requirements.

2) Can you wash the bulletproof vest’s carrier and keep a spare carrier?

 Yes, you can wash your vest’s carrier, but wearing a wet carrier at the site can be a little dangerous. Therefore, keep a spare and ready to wear carrier in case the other one is wet.

3) How to clean the soft armor ballistic panels?

The ballistic panels in a bulletproof vest are the ones that provide the actual resistance. To preserve them, you must clean and store them by following the manufacturer’s instructions. During cleaning, make sure to use a mild cleanser and a damp cloth instead of tossing them in a washer and a dryer.

4) What is the lifespan of a bulletproof vest?

The majority lifespan of most of the vests is 5 to 10 years. However, it totally depends on the way you use it. If a vest is worn daily to the site, it can easily lose its protective qualities in less than five years. You must carefully examine your bulletproof jacket of any damage such ascreases, tears, smells and burns. If the damages are severe, you need a new vest.