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You would not see armored cars normally on the roads. These are big and beautiful machines driven around by the prominent personalities and celebrities of the countries and by influential businessmen as well.

However, nowadays more and more people are keen to invest in these bold beauties for the kind of luxury and safety they offer. Armored cars are different than normal cars, not by the way they look but the way they are designed internally.

Armored cars are created with bulletproof glass windows and layers of armor plate inserted into their body panels. They are extremely sturdy and bulky because of the materials used to build them. They have got powerful engines, CCTV vehicle camera systems, explosion-resistant fuel tanks and can easily run on flat tires.

Having said that, armored cars tend to require a high level of maintenance and servicing than any other ordinary cars. Here’s what all you need to do keep your ride happy and run smoothly throughout its lifetime –

Carry Out Periodic Inspection

Though it may sound too basic, checking your car upside down and inside out once in a while can help you detect unwanted problems way ahead of time.

So, see if your car lights are working properly and the air pressure in the tires is up to the mark. Observe any strange sounds coming from the car. Do everything required to identify anything unusual and get it sorted at the earliest.

Maintain Optimum Fluid Levels

If you own an armored car, you should know how to keep a close check on the fluid levels of the car and ensure it is not leaking.

It is easier if you can see the tank directly. However, if not, then you can take help of a dipstick, immerse it in the tank and later take it out to check the actual level of fluid in the car. If it isn’t on the optimum levels and seems to be running low, then you can simply add more and even get it changed.

Replace the Old Belts

Depending upon the type of armored car you use, there is a prescribed limit to which the timing and serpentine belts work efficiently. After that, they require replacement.

You can look for the right time for the replacement of these belts in your owner’s manual. If they are in good condition, then nothing to worry about but if they seem to be even slightly worn out, get them replaced immediately.

Pay Attention to Windshield Wipers

It is hard to see people taking enough care of the windshield wipers of their armored cars. These wipers are important to establish a clear vision through the glass and ignoring its maintenance or repair can you cost you more in the later future.

A noteworthy point is that wipers are really inexpensive and their replacement isn’t any rocket science, hence it can be done on your own.