Cannabis has become a source of relaxation and recreation for many. It helps people unwind after a long busy day or stressful events. But there could be situations where one might have to take a drug test right after consuming it. In that case, failing the drug test will lead to several profound implications. Hence, you might need to learn some ways to hack the test. 

Almost all of the drug tests are based on urine. So, if you use the synthetic urine kit, you can appear spotless and quickly pass. Synthetic urine kits are completely failsafe and relatively simple to use. If you are unaware of these kits and want to explore the best options in the market, keep reading. 

5 Best Synthetic Urine Kits For Drug Testing 

It is not unusual to fear drug tests if you consume weed. People often spend hours looking for a list of places selling synthetic urine. If you want one too, here are the top five options you must consider. 

Test Clear Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit 

When it comes to synthetic urine kits, Test Clear is a well-known brand. The product is dehydrated urine sets it apart from the competition. As a result, it cannot be classified as fake or synthetic. It also has a proven track record, making it a safe bet. 

The kit includes a sealed vial of powdered urine and a 50mL transfer bottle. The transport vial has a temperature strip affixed to it. There are two air-activated heaters in it as well. For $49.95, you receive everything except distilled water. It has a good reputation despite its low price. Get the kit straight from the manufacturer’s website to avoid any scam. 

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit 

Sub Solution is Test Negative synthetic urine kit that can help you pass a drug test. There are no harmful biocides or chemicals in this hoax urine kit. Synthetic urine kits from Sub Solution are top-rated for research and education objectives. The solution is made under the strict supervision of experienced chemists and experts.  

The composition is similar to natural human urine and thus passes a drug test undetected. The kit comes with a 3oz or 89 mL mixing container, a temperature strip, a synthetic sample vial, and an amber-colored vial holding the heat activator powder. 

Clear Choice Incognito Belt  

Clear Choice Incognito Belt is a small, gravity-driven device that can transport urine into the sample holder during the test. After you open the clip, the urine flows gently from the bladder sack via a rubber drain tube attached to the belt. 

It comprises a bladder bag holding 3oz of premixed synthetic pee. It also has an adjustable belt that fits waist sizes to 48 inches, two disposable heating pads, and a temperature strip. For the convenience of the user, there is also a comprehensive manual. The urine kit can be stored frozen for up to six months or kept in the refrigerator for 48 hours. 

This synthetic urine is toxin-free and biocide-free, and it has all of the natural components found in human urine. Furthermore, the liquid’s viscosity and color are identical to those of human pee. The belt with the rubber tube can be concealed underneath the waist belt. One can easily pass a drug test with an extraordinary and inventive design. 

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Test Clear Urinator 

This Urinator kit addresses a prevalent issue with fake urine for drug testing. Laboratories often identify fake pee since the temperature is different from human urine. To maintain the temperature, it employs a small, easy-to-use heating element. 

The urinator comes with a 100ml dual-port vinyl IV bag with a liquid crystal thermometer. A 60ml syringe is used to fill it with the donor sample. It has a stainless-steel sensor rod with a temperature sensor that is accurate. A computerized digital controller, a flexible silicone heater, vinyl tubing, a thermal insulating mini-blanket, and an IV bag are all present in the kit. 

Apart from the kit, you need distilled water and two 9-volt batteries. You just have to fill the urinator with the accompanying syringe for use. If you’re performing a live test, fill in the bag with 75 to 85 mL of warm water. Then take as much as you can out of the bag and put the cap on. Heat using batteries until a temperature of 98 to 100 degrees is reached. 

However, this synthetic pee kit is more expensive than many other synthetic pee kits on the market, at $169.95.  

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Kit 

The synthetic urine formula by Quick Luck is among the top choices. Clear Choice has a reputation as a prominent producer of detox goods and fake urine kits. This product is entirely devoid of toxins and biocides and has all of the necessary components of genuine pee. Without fear of failure, you can use Quick Luck at any time. 

Quick Luck stands as the only premixed fake urine kit that can resemble real human urine. This is because it has similar pH, gravity, and creatinine range. Their unique formula is derived from the precise amounts of 11 distinct chemical constituents. It contains urea and uric acid and is ideal for either gender. 

A regular 3oz bottle of synthetic urine, a temperature strip (94-100 degrees Fahrenheit), heat activator powder, and two Clear Choice heat pads are present in the package. To prevent potential leakage during transportation, the urine is carefully packed. You should use one heat pad for regular heating, and it will last for about 10 hours. 


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Synthetic urine kits can be your lifesaver if you want to cheat on a drug test. If you are appearing for one anytime soon, these options might come in handy. These rankings are based on product efficacy, reviews, and formulations.  

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