Selling Your Home


Are you selling your home? But not getting an expected bid? Why is that?

 Maybe during the inspection, your house appears with flaws. To avoid this stress, consider repairing your home before you place it on the list.

A single repair can pay a significant dividend to your home when selling it. The minor and major repairs will prevent you from the pain of watching your potential buyers go away. 

Don’t waste your time, and prepare your house for a quick sale. Here are five major and easy repairs you should consider if you are looking for a successful sale of your home.

1. Exterior repairs

Before any inside view, the exterior of your home gives the first impression. Most buyers get attracted to your house’s visual or curb appeal and then decide to walk in. 

You don’t have to burden your budget to give the best first impression. Simply mowing your lawn and painting the outside walls can increase your home’s curb appeal. 

2. Foundation repairs

Ignoring your home foundation repair is never a great idea, especially when you’re planning to attract a wider pool of buyers.

Foundation issues like water damage on the walls, cracks, and bows can be covered with a coat of paint depending on your house’s foundation. Hire a professional contractor to give you an opinion if you find any instability in your home’s foundation.

If you decide not to spend money on the repairs, you will have to provide credits for the repairs to the buyers when they choose to purchase the property.

3. Electric repairs

In a study, it has been found that most buyers avoid purchasing homes that have electrical issues. Repairing your home’s electrical system will ensure that you will not miss out on any potential expected offer.

Also, inspecting your home’s HVAC system before selling is crucial because prospective buyers won’t be interested in replacing the HVAC.

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4. Roof repairs

Another main thing that requires repairs is your roof. If the roof is broken or has missing tiles, it won’t be efficient for protection.

Suppose you see any interior water damage because your roof is wearing out. Hire a professional for inspection and go for repair or replacement. 

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5. Kitchen and bathroom repairs

After the exterior, the most visited and inspected in the house are the bathrooms and kitchen. No one wants to buy a house with broken cabinets and leaking faucets.

For a quick sale, you should manage all the repairs by seeing your home from the buyer’s perspective. Once you start seeing from their perspective, you will find the ignored areas in your home needing repair.

Check your bathroom shower is working fine and that the drains operate freely. Replace any broken tiles in the bathroom and kitchen area. 

In summary, most buyers look for homes that require fewer repairs because no one wants to buy a home which is falling apart. Don’t hesitate to consider a few repairs to make a sale.

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