You are not the only one struggling with why you choose one cellular phone service provider over the other. There may be only a few carriers providing countrywide services, but smaller providers at the state and regional levels also offer similar services. Many factors influence the choice of a cellular phone service provider, such as cost, coverage, and cellular phone assistance. Here are five factors to guide you.


Cellular pricing packages are as many as there are service providers. Apart from the four leading providers recognized by the federal government to offer countrywide services, smaller companies provide mobile coverage at regional levels. These cellular pricing plans require you to subscribe to a specific number of minutes every month, which is wrong since you aren’t sure about the number of minutes you will use in that month. Often, they scare clients into purchasing extra minutes than necessary through coverage charges per minute that surpass their costs.


One problem with cellular phone services is that they lack proper coverage. The cable phones were much more reliable in this effect except in special cases when a tree fell over the phone lines. Radio propagation is not very straightforward despite the coverage maps that the service providers will want you to believe, and dropouts might occur even in areas with supposed good coverage. They will also tell you nothing about the rate of traffic in certain areas and times of the day, which can vary widely. Ensure you are on the safe side by choosing a company that offers a money-back guarantee if the service happens to be unavailable in essential locations.

Cellular Phone Assistance

Honestly, not every American citizen is well off enough to afford monthly telephone bills. The federal government drafted an assistance program that is run at a lower level by individual state governments. These local providers, such as cell phone assistance Oklahoma-based, have special plans for specific customers who cannot afford the standard plans because they are undergoing a short-time crisis or financial hardship at the moment. Therefore, when choosing a mobile service provider, ensure that the federal government approves them to offer cell assistance if you aren’t that financially well off.

Mixed Services

You agree that buying a voice-data combo is much more cost-effective than buying the minutes and the bytes separately. Usually, voice plans are relatively stable, but data plans vary with the number of companies. Choose a provider that offers a combination of both voice and data at an affordable price. You can also have a look at technology. Some phones function better with some technologies. 

Company Phones

The chances are that you may be using your device for business purposes, and your employer reimburses you for costs incurred in purchasing voice and data plans. In this case, your choice is limited because you have to stick to the MSP that your employer chooses. After all, they will pay for the services.


Choosing a cellular service provider is easy when you know what to look for. While at it, ensure that you consider cost, coverage, cellular phone assistance, mixed services, and whether you own a company phone.

By saif