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The biological, social, psychological, environmental, and economic elements that contribute to mental and behavioral disorders have far-reaching effects on a person’s mood, outlook, and interpersonal skills.

Many people suffer from more than one mental disorder. About 6% of Australians with an anxiety disorder also suffer from depression.

Since popping anti-depressants have shown ill effects on physical and mental well-being, individuals are now searching for natural alternatives. In this course, medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s mane in Australia have shown mind-blowing results in calming the mind while keeping it active (unlike the traditional anti-depressants). 

Let us delve deeper to understand the variations of mental health disorders and how they are striking the residents of Australia.  

Types of mental illness affecting 45 % of Australians include:

  • Mood disorders – Depression and bipolar disorder are examples of mood disorders (sometimes called affective disorders).
    • Nearly 10% of Australians in 2017-18 suffered from depression or depressive symptoms (11.6% of women and 9.1% of men).
    • Approximately 1% of the Australian population may suffer from bipolar disorder at some point in their lives. Up to 5% of the population has bipolar II disorder at any given moment.
  • Anxiety disorders – 13% of the US population suffered from an anxiety illness in 2017. 
  • Psychotic illness – Conditions like schizophrenia that cause psychosis. According to the results of the second national study of psychotic disease, conducted in 2010, around 0.4% of Australians (almost 64,000 people) are affected by psychotic illness.
High time to deal with these issues!! Consuming the goodness of abundant antioxidants in Lion’s Mane supplements can counter the functioning of free radicals, making individuals more calm and sorted. In addition, indulging in physical activities, Mindful breathing practices, and meditation can multifold the benefits of Lion’s Mane powder. 

15.7% of women vs. 10.6% of men had an anxiety-related condition – Know the reasons?

Mental and physical health can be severely harmed by stress. Understanding what triggers your stress is the first step in avoiding it or learning to cope with it.

It is interesting to see how family and personal financial issues affect men and women differently in terms of stress levels, though everyone is affected differently. While medicinal mushroom supplements like Lion’s Mane powder can subside the symptoms of depression in the long term, the following factors should be worked upon consequently.   

Hormonal changes through life

Women’s anxiety is thought to be more widespread because of the hormonal changes associated with puberty and menopause.

This is because the onset of anxiety is strongly associated with the hormonal changes that occur during specific periods of life for women. This can occur throughout puberty or any of the reproductive stages. Over two-thirds of women in a national study of 15,000 reported feeling “nervous, apprehensive, or on edge” on multiple days in the previous month.

Gender-based violence and inequality

The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies gender-based violence, social disadvantage, poor income, income inequality, and “unremitting responsibility for the care of others” as risk factors that disproportionately harm women.

One in five Australian women has been the victim of sexual violence and are twice as likely to be harassed in this way as males. Consequently, women make up the largest single group of people affected by PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). 

Lion’s Mane Powder – Ultimate Game Changer For Coping Mental Stress

Besides hericenones and erinacines, Lion’s Mane mushrooms also contain additional compounds that have been shown to improve cognitive function. By encouraging and regulating neuronal growth and decreasing inflammation in the brain, their consumption has been linked to a decrease in depressive symptoms. 

These are reasons enough to treat your mental health using natural remedies and kickstart overall body functioning with boosted energy!

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