Our sense of hearing is closely tied with how we form memories, so when we hear music from a specific era, we can quickly feel ourselves slipping back into the memories of that era.  

Whether you’re craving some music that will remind you of a simpler time in your life, or you want to know what other people find nostalgic: these are the top five nostalgia-inspiring music genres.

Disco Music

Disco is the most recent music on this list: and it was born in the 1960s before thriving in the 1970s.  This infectious type of music encourages listeners to dance and enjoy cutting loose and having fun.  A large part of the dance music subculture of the 1970s was once a protest against having to lead a boring 9 to 5 life that led to the dance and partying scene we see in modern times.


In the 1950s, you shouldn’t turn on a radio without hearing the fun and sweet sound of doo-wop music filtering through the speaker.  This catchy mix of harmonies and rhythms is a pivotal part of black history in the United States and helped change how music is sung and experienced in the entire country.  

Feeling nostalgia for this type of music gives listeners the chance to picture dancing with first love and vanishing into the fun of the music.

Big Band

If you love big band music, you’ve got a taste of the Swing Era!  This era lasted from the early 1930s until the late 1940s and offered a sound with a lot of punch and heart to it.  You can still find crooners these days, like Michael Francis Sinatra, who took after his grandfather Frank Sinatra.  The sublime nostalgia of this sound strips away any stress you may feel and allows you to vanish into the music for a while.

Folk Music

The American folk music revival started in the 1940s but stretched through the 1960s before petering out at the end of the 1970s.  Although this is a large range of time, music that has this folky feel is still instantly recognizable and loved by fans of the genre.  This exciting sound slips people into easy summer memories, listening to the radio or a record and taking it slow for a moment.  It’s an important type of nostalgia for many. 

British Invasion

Sweeping through America in the mid-1960s, the British Invasion was a music movement that saw British rock-and-roll groups rapidly gain popularity.  The Beatles are the most popular of these numbers and were able to gain a steady foothold in the lives of Americans well into the 1970s.  This time period is extremely nostalgic for a lot of people who love the carefree and fun sound of the time and want to experience a taste of that again. 

We All Love Music We Grew Up Hearing

Whether you grew up listening to big band music with your family, or you listened to nothing but folk-rock in high school, music is something that sparks a large amount of nostalgia.  Consider listening to some of these music genres to keep that feeling going!

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