Glass Railing is one of the most popular options in commercial stair railings. It offers a sleek modern design with exquisitely refined edges and size. Glass railings use tough tempered safety glass which is highly resistant to impacts, scratches and chips. These features make it attractive for building owners who are looking for a lightweight, durable option that doesn’t require any maintenance. These are the most common questions asked about glass railings by building owners and architects:

What is the difference between interior and exterior glass stair railings?

The only difference is the glazing. Glass railings for exterior use are made with two pieces of tempered safety glass, as compared to one piece for interior use. The double-glazed design makes them suitable for higher impacts, heat variations and weather elements like rain and sunlight. When used outside, they need to be weatherproofed so they don’t collect moisture which can cause cracks and condensation. Exterior grade installation is usually done by experienced agencies like us that have experience working with tempered safety glass.

Who can install glass railings?

Since glass railings are made of tempered safety glass, they can be installed by anyone with basic knowledge of glazing. All you need is to have the proper tools and follow instructions provided by your dealer or supplier. The most common materials used are polyurethane clear sealant, stainless steel hardware and fiberglass mesh cores.

What is the cost of installing glass stair railings?

The cost depends on how many steps you want to install and how much the specification demands for your project. On average, the installation costs should range between $3,400-$6,200. The additional cost will also determine how many people are involved in the installation process. For example, projectors or painters should be taken into account when calculating the additional cost of glass railings. To estimate the cost, talk to glass railing installation agency and finalize the price.

Which type of glass railing to choose?

When choosing a railing type, one of the most important factors is whether you want to choose one that can resist heat and cold. Some glass railings will stop heat and cold from entering your outdoor space, which will keep it comfortable for you during your outdoor activities.  Choosing a Glass Railing Type That Can Resist Heat and Cold. The temperature can change by more than 25 degrees in a matter of hours. When selecting a railing type that will resist heat, you have two options: tempered glass railings or laminated glass railings. Both are effective at keeping the heat from entering your outdoor space and increasing temperature or humidity levels dramatically.

What is the return on investment?

The ROI required for glass railings depends on whether you want to use them for commercial, residential or public use. If you intend to install glass railings for commercial purposes, it would likely require a heavy investment. However, if it’s for residential purposes and you have only a few steps, then it can be done with minimal expenditure if you have an experienced contractor by your side.

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