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Many persons, face the need, to make a very important decision, and consider, whether they should rent, where they live, versus taking the leap, and buying, a home, of their own. While one must be prepared, emotionally, financially, and with a decent understanding of what owning a home, encompasses, if the right set of circumstances exist, we better understand, why, for most people, their home represents, their single, biggest, financial asset! The hilly area of Haridwar is well-known amongst adventure enthusiasts. Spread across the town, apartments in Haridwar offer decent lodging options to the dwellers. The flats in Haridwar are meticulously categorized into different types like heritage flats, premium flats, economy flats, and budget flats. The advantage of categorizing flats into these types is that dwellers know very well which category will suit them the best.

1. Accumulate asset/ not just pay the bill: When one rent, everything paid, month after month, is paid to another proprietor, and you, accumulate no proprietorship position! While renting involves less responsibility, only when you possess, do you, not just pay another bill, but, hopefully, accumulate a degree of equity, etc.

2. Pride of ownership: When one rent, where he dwells, he is a renter, rather than an owner, and, has fewer responsibilities, but, also, less ability to modify your residence, to conform to your specific wants, changing conditions/ family, etc. Owning usually has a very, real, intangible aspect, known as Pride of Ownership, which makes a feeling of pride, in owning our own home!

3. Customize; change; renovate; upgrade/ update: Renters have little say about their rooms, such as their kitchens and bathrooms, and their owner makes those decisions. In many cases, that same individual must grant his permission, for you, to paint, etc. In addition, since you don’t possess your place, it is probably unwise, to buy, or install, very luxurious items, which you can’t take with you if you move! Owners may customize, change, renovate, upgrade, as their personal finances, and municipalities allow!

4. A secure feeling: The era of cut throat professionalism often makes you travel on business trips away from your household. At the back of your mind, you are always concerned about your family living alone. Well! Not in a gated community of Haridwar. These communities make a topmost priority about its safety. The strict security in a gated community assures for security to all its residents.

5. Nourished community living: For a strong body and mind, it is very crucial to have a healthy social life. The massive distances of cosmopolitan life make it tough to enjoy a healthy social life but communities in Haridwar make sure that you have access to it at your door-step. The life in appartments, therefore, brings a healthy standard of living and it pushes you to participate socially even more than usual.

Emerald Riviera is one of the best residential projects in Haridwar which is luxury and dwells in the laps of natural beauty and mountains. This project is provided with all the sports facilities for children and adults to spend their ease time and also, comforting facilities like meditation for older people. This is the top living destination for all those who want to spend their life in nature. Apartments in Haridwar have also lucrative resale value. Moreover, it sells in very little time. Flats in Haridwar provide several amenities and luxury that make your life happy and convenient. Haridwar is a well-connected tourist destination and availability of all types of facilities has also created a residential and commercial real estate demand. So, if you are looking to buy or invest in Haridwar, Emerald Riviera is the best property in Haridwar to invest in because of its location, connectivity, architecture, and many luxury amenities to raise the bars of your living lifestyle.

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