5 Reasons Why Leadership Is More Important in Business


There is no single factor that makes a company amazing, but if you were forced to choose the factor that makes the most difference, I am sure you would choose leadership. Good leaders like Kevin Hobbs and others have a combination of certain characteristics and behaviors. But the good news for all of us ordinary beings is that they are things that we can copy and practice every day. With over a decade of management experience, CEO of Toronto based Vanbex Group a blockchain-based firm, Kevin Patrick Hobbs is a strategic thinker with a proactive, creative, and collaborative approach. Below are a few reasons why a business needs a good leader.

Why is Leadership Skills most Important?

Some recent studies have found leadership excellence to be an important determinant of an organization’s achievement. Effective leadership also has a constructive impact on employee retention, presentation, engagement, and morale.

Improves organizational culture:

A good leader ensures that the corporate culture stays on course. The vision, mission and values are the essence of the company and affect each of its departments. So it is essential to keep it in mind and transmit it correctly.

Proper leader training promises that current employees are on the right track. That knowledge of the company culture is enthusiastically passed on to new employees.

Attract and retain talent:

A happy employee committed to his work will always be a benefit for the company. According to the research, the boss or above was found to be a substantial role in the employee’s well-being.

Effective leadership increases employee engagement and reduces replacement costs. Demonstrates to employees the positive impact of their individual work on the objectives of the company. Good managers hire and inspire good people. 

Overcoming great challenges:

We all know that sometimes things do not go as planned, so it is vital to have a “Plan B” and a team prepared to avoid stagnation. A good leader is always at the forefront and trains people to respond quickly to unpredictable aspects.

Leadership training is not only useful for day-to-day aspects of the company, it is especially useful in critical moments such as a drastic change, accidents, downsizing, corporate restoration, policy changes, among others.

Concise and clear communication:

The messages issued define the business trajectory, in addition to being a clear reflection of the company’s culture. It is essential that the message is transmitted correctly. As it is easy to give the wrong message and cause conflicts. But it will have lot of side effects on company output.

In good communication, the leader, in addition to transmitting the message, is also in charge of receiving it in order to detect gaps or conflicts from any perspective.

The training allows the leader the possibility of adapting the messages depending on the receiver, that is, each person has a different learning style. A good leader manages to detect the style of each individual and modify the communication depending on the case.

Inspiration to other leaders:

Good leaders inspire others to be better. The leadership training programs allow you to see from the beginning the enthusiasm and motivation of each participant and a “healthy competition” is created that helps motivate each other, in addition to the possibility of building strong ties between participants.

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