It is the time of the year when most of us give ourselves the liberty to pause our diet plans and enjoy a delicious dinner with our loved ones. Although one meal in your favorite restaurant doesn’t make any difference to your body (looks-wise), there is one tiny issue – it brings back the cravings you used to have before you went dieting.

These cravings cause you to start eating one junk meal after the other before you find out that you’ve gotten far away from where you started. People often only go to coop bar and grill to avoid this fate, so they don’t go overboard with eating.

So, this article is about keeping your dieting regime intact after you enjoy a meal or two outside during these winter vacations.

Drink water before Leaving

Drinking water is one of the best and easiest way to keep you from eating a lot. Before leaving for your lunch or dinner, even it is at a small coop bar and grill, just make sure that you drink two to three glasses of water. This will fill your stomach, which means you will eat lesser wherever you will go.

The best part of this trickery is that your body also gets to enjoy a decent water intake, which is anything but bad for you. Moreover, when your stomach is partially full, you will place an order within the limit because when you’re empty, you will order more food than you need – that’s a psychological effect.

Get appetizers

The mains are always some high-calorie foods, at least higher in calories than an appetizer. This is why it is always best to get two appetizers instead of ordering a full meal. The chances are that you will be full by the end of the second appetizer. Even if you aren’t, you’ll probably eat lesser of that high-caloric meal than you would eat on an empty stomach.

 A quick tip for you: Try taking a ten-minute gap between appetizers. You will start feeling fuller as your food settles (which often takes around 10 minutes).

Go to coop bar and grills

Going to a fast-food chain or a full-fledged diner would not only mean spending a lot more but will also trigger you to order foods that are higher in calories. We always recommend everyone to opt for coop bar and grills where you don’t have a massive menu and countless unhealthy options, so you’re likely to order and eat less.

In fact, there are certain coop bar and grills like Sevananda that offer a range of healthy organic foods to buy while maintaining decent taste. Such stores can be a great alternative for you to dine out if you want to make the most of these holidays.

Order more salad

The thing with salads is that they are yummy and fulfilling. You can add some additional protein to the salad to add to their taste without having to take in anything that would affect your diet and exercise routine.

The best part about salads is that they are quite fulfilling, so they satiate your hunger well. However, if you already have salads as part of your routine diet, then you can opt for something other than this. In a case otherwise, stick t salads – there are a lot of great options in this category, so you can look around to find a place where you can get unique and tasty salads that you don’t have daily.

Cut down portions

Another excellent way to keep your diet intact while dining outside is to cut down portions. If you intentionally decide to have a small-sized steak without sauce or a single slice of your favorite pizza, you will be able to have the meal of your choice without worrying about its adverse effects on your diet.

Cutting down portions may seem difficult at the beginning, but once you’re used to eating less, you will find it easier to shorten portions whenever you go out to eat.

Think About the Long-Term

So, here’s the thing. It is not a good idea to go all out with your dining option, but holding back a lot is never a good idea either. Keeping yourself from your favorite foods for a long time is not natural, and it will only lead you back to an unhealthy lifestyle sooner or later.

When you’re on a diet, make sure that your routine is natural and realistic. For instance, surviving on one meal forever is close to impossible, not to mention extremely unhealthy! You will lose weight by doing this, but it won’t be for long. It is why don’t deprive yourself of your favorite meals for a long time. Have them every now and then so your gut remains satisfied, and you can focus on your diet better!

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