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Orthopedic EMR; What is it?

You might be wondering what an Orthopedic EMR in particular does since most practitioners are aware of what an EMR software in general is capable of but rarely do people think about specialized EMRs within medicine. As an Orthopedic surgeon you have to deal with and treat disorders pertaining to the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and mus+cles in the human body. 

Thus similarly, an Orthopedic EMR in specific deals with workflows for the particular specialization, templates made for procedures which are common in the area of specialization, templates for physicals, diagrams and charting support which helps you with your work. 

Overall, the software is built to ease processes around Orthopedics. From running the clinic’s administrative task to doing billing for patients, these software do it all and help enable doctors and staff to do their job even better and in a more efficient manner. While there are a lot of Orthopedic EMRs out there, not all of them are positively received if you go by the Orthopedic EMR reviews found online. So we have compiled the ultimate list of features you should look out for in an EMR to ensure that you get the most use out of it! 

5 Features in an Orthopedic EMR you Should Not Compromise on

Options for Customization 

A good Orthopedic EMR will recognize your preferences for running your practice and start making suggestions once it recognizes these patterns which will help making inputting data even easier than before. For example, if you have preferred plans for treatment of certain ailments like arthritis it will remember them and recommend them when you have a similar case which will make things much more efficient for you. 

User Friendly Interface 

A user friendly interface is important for any application you use in your life whether related to medicine or not. However, for medicine, it is incredibly important to have that since you will be using this software for several hours a day. The interface should be easy to use so you can choose the options you require quickly without having to look through too many options or navigate through a cluttered dashboard. A great way to check whether the interface is suitable for you is to ask for a Orthopedic EMR demo and check the software out before you commit and purchase it altogether. 


Having interoperability in an Orthopedic EMR these days is incredibly important because of the convenience it lends to your practice. With an Orthopedic EMR, you are able to have a structured form to all your data in the long term, which helps with data entry and tracking your patients health in the long term as well. Data is collected by the software for all the practices and clinicians use it so that a repository of data is formed over time which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for everyone involved.

e-Prescription Capabilities 

Having an e-Prescription feature is imperative in every EMR and similarly an Orthopedic EMR should also be equipped with this feature. This feature will help save everyone involved a lot of time; both you and your patient will save time since prescriptions can be made and sent to the pharmacy nearest to them and they can go and collect it. 

Mobility Friendly

In this day and age having mobility with technology is essential. With an EHR you need similar mobility to make sure that you do not run into issues. A good Orthopedic EMR software will have mobile apps and cloud based functionality so that you can access it from anywhere in the world! Having an Orthopedic EMR which is accessible on the go so that you can always access the software to keep up with your work! 

Bonus Features to Look Out For

Patient Portal

Having a patient portal will help make your administrative duties much less than they were before. This is because through a patient portal your patients can schedule their own appointments according to availability in your schedule, they can keep track of upcoming appointments and they can also communicate with the practice. All software which are talked about positively in Orthopedic EMR reviews are usually equipped with this feature. It makes the lives of both you and your patients much easier. This feature alone could make the Orthopedic EMR cost worth it. 

Orthopedic Specific Support 

As an Orthopedic surgeon, there are certain times you will need advice which is specific to your practice. The software should be used by other Orthopedic surgeons and practices so that it is already built in a way where it provides you with solutions and resources oriented towards your specialization. 

Automated Coding Suggestions 

Coding is a major part of being a doctor in North America. You need to make sure that the code you use is correct. A good Orthopedic EMR should ideally have coding for Orthopedic procedures so that your bills are populated automatically or you are suggested with relevant codes so you no longer have to sift through them one by one. This feature alone could make the Orthopedic EMR pricing worth it.

Final Thoughts 

You are probably wondering which Orthopedic EMR we suggest after we have given you a run down of all the features they should have. Well, we cannot make a suggestion about which one of these would be best for you since only you can figure that out but we can make suggestions on how you can choose a software. The first thing we suggest is to make a list of all the features you require in an Orthopedic EMR software. Once you do this, you can go through the features listed in every EMR for this speciality to see which ones match your needs the best. Another trick is to read up on Orthopedic EMR reviews to see which Orthopedic EMR software is well regarded by your peers. And finally, we suggest that you ask vendors you are considering for an EMR for a Orthopedic EMR demo so you can see firsthand whether or not this software will be a valuable addition to your practice. 

We hope these tips help you in choosing an appropriate software for yourself! 

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