5 Things to Consider before turning your Trading Hobby into Career


“Trading” is a hobby for many. Many consider it as a good option for utilizing their spare time, while some are keen to make it a profession. Turning your hobby in a full- time profession need persistence and it cannot be done overnight.

People are passionate about different activities like painting, writing, swimming, singing, and many more. But they need to be dedicated and have the right attitude to make these hobbies their full-time job.

Know the best-time to change:

If you are a full-time professional – whether salaried or an entrepreneur. Know the best time to make a shift in your career.

You may have dependents, paying the bills, paying the fees for the children. Make sure before making your trading hobby as a full-time career, that it is generating enough profit to meet the livelihood. If you are not saving anything, better wait for a while till you reach that level, then plan to make it as a profession.


How passionate are you of the ‘trading’? Is it just for the sake of some extra income? If yes, better continue with your current profession. Changing the career path requires patience and passion.

Right now, you may be trading just for 2-3 hours, but can you do the same thing for the whole day long, consider doing it for 9-5 window. Before moving to ‘trading’, you have to know can you enjoy doing it the whole day without getting frustrated. 

Will you get enough support?

Although, you have gained the experience and have the better insights in the “trading”, will you get the support from your kinsmen, friends, and the community before making it as a full-fledged career option.

Initially, you may need the moral and financial support from your dear ones, talk to them are they ready to assist you in this journey? Even if they do not, are you mentally prepared and independent to go for it?

There are many means to learn about trading like trading education companies such as Certus Trading reviews, a company founded in 2011 by Matt Choi to help both new and experienced traders to help them learn new strategies and navigate their way around the stock market.

No mistakes:

Trading allow you to learn a lot. Every company offers a probation period of about three to six months, giving you enough time to prepare and learn. In this phase, you are allowed to make mistakes provided you have the attitude to learn from the mistakes.

The same concept goes to the trading, give yourself time to learn, and learn from every mistake. There will be no room for errors once you start it as a full-time career.

Taking advice:

You have to take the initiative to ask from the family or friends, or you may seek advice from the professional before turning your dream into reality.

Ask how promising is the career you are going to start and can you do it for a lifetime or not. Do satisfactory research before proceeding with the major decisions.

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