Accidents can be scary and deadly, especially when it’s not your fault and you are in the passenger seat. You may have to cover the medical costs for all sustained injuries, bed rest leading to lost wages, or severe injuries causing the damage of any body part. You cannot just sit back and accept all of that; there might be something for you.

If you are a victim of a car accident being a passenger, some things might confuse you. Things like, are you responsible for filing for the claim? Will you get a claim for your medical treatment? Or the legal process that will follow after the accident. However, the passengers are not liable and need not worry about being involved in the case. Therefore, the legal process should be smooth and easy for you, provided you take the right steps.

1) Things to be done instantly after the accident:

 If you have gone through a car accident, the first thing is to get medical attention for yourself and others injured in the accident. You must contact someone who can call for medical help but don’t attempt to move if it is difficult for you to do so. You might have sustained internal injuries that can worsen upon moving. 

You need to see your doctor even if you have minor symptoms and no major issues after the accident. Stay calm until local police or other responders don’t reach the site.

2) Discuss the incident with your attorney:

Not everyone knows how to proceed with such an incident until a professional personal injury lawyer is involved. Therefore, it becomes imperative to narrate the entire incident to your lawyer before finding the at-fault party. Although you were not the one involved in the action, yet you were there to experience what followed, just like other witnesses and pedestrians.

It is clear that your insurance will not be responsible for the claim as you were not at fault, but your injuries will determine the claim you deserve. However, it is equally important to hear both the drivers and create a police report before concluding the incident.

3) Know about the damages you can claim for:

Being a victim of a car accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries and losses. You can file for a personal injury claim via one insurance company if the at-fault driver is known. However, if it is hard to find the imposter, you can file for the same via both the drivers’ insurance companies. It will simplify things for you since both the insurance companies will decide who the defaulter is. 

You must only file for a claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer as he knows how these insurance companies operate and try their best to get rid of the claim in any case. Another thing to keep in mind is you can only file for a claim if you have gone through huge loss, permanent injuries, severe injuries, disability, heavy medical bills, lost wages and a job.

4) Build a strong case:

Before running to the insurance company and asking for a claim, it is better to build a strong case. It is only possible when you collect the evidence, come up with proper documentation of the evidence and other papers pertaining to the accident. The evidence may include pictures of the scene, statements of the witnesses, medical reports, police reports, etc.

5) Hire a Professional Lawyer:

If the insurance companies cannot decide the at-fault party, your next step would be hiring a personal injury lawyer. A lawsuit will help you receive the compensation you deserve.