5 Ways Doctors can Maintain Their ABP Board Certification


Maintaining their certification can be challenging for doctors with ABP Board Certification. This is because the recertification process requires the physician to complete new and updated mandatory training periodically. This requires regular study, research, and travel. To successfully maintain their board certification, doctors will have to put in a fair amount of work if they want to remain eligible for renewal or reinstatement. They should also consider becoming ABP Board Certified Physicians in multiple disciplines by studying one discipline at a time. Here are 5 ways doctors can maintain their ABP Board Certification.

1. Records Management and Maintenance

Doctors need to do their best to keep good records of their professional life. This means keeping accurate records of their training, certifications, continuing education courses, and other pertinent information for future reference. Doctors should also maintain copies of each certification exam they’ve taken and each renewal application they’ve sent throughout the years. This will help them avoid duplicating efforts and studying areas that they’ve already mastered in the past. Records are also important to successful careers and being ABP Board Certified. Doctors will have a better chance of getting jobs, conducting clinical research, and publishing articles if they have records that show their history of achievement and contribution to their field. Doctors should also keep copies of their medical licenses for use as proof when applying for licenses in new medical jurisdictions.

2. Take the Time to Get the Necessary Skills

To be ABP Board Certified, doctors will have to try and get the skills they need to pass their certification exams. Each certification exam is different, but they are all based on skills considered necessary by the ABP Board of Certification. To learn more, visit a medical meeting or speak with a board-certified physician versed in your chosen specialty. This can help you identify what skills you’ll need to work on to get your certification. Remember that not all doctors will have to become ABP Board Certified in the same specialty. Doing so can help you identify the skills you’ll need to focus on to be effective in your chosen field and succeed.

3. Choose the Right Specialty

Choosing the right specialty is important if you want to be ABP Board Certified. Physicians are often interested in becoming board certified in multiple specialties, but they need to take a step back and consider their options. ABP Board Certification is not easy to come by, and it requires maintaining a high level of commitment and dedication. Doctors interested in becoming ABP Board Certified should consider choosing a specialty that could benefit from more doctors being board certified. This is especially true for the most practical specialties, such as emergency medicine and family medicine. It can also be helpful to consider those medical fields in high demand across the United States and are likely to be in high demand for years to come. Specialists in these fields will have a better chance of enjoying long careers and being ABP Board Certified.

4. Continue Your Education

Continuing your education is essential to maintaining your board certification status. Doctors should continue their education across the board by taking continuing medical education courses for all major board exams. Continuing medical education is crucial to staying up to date with the latest diseases, treatments, procedures, and advancements in the field. It’s also a way for doctors to demonstrate that they are current and informed in the field. Doctors should consider earning CEUs by attending continuing education classes such as the online MOCA-Peds Examination Preparation Course, which helps doctors prepare for the ABP Pediatric Certification Examination in a fun and educational way. This will not only help doctors maintain their certification, but they will also be able to take their skills forward to the next level of board certification.

5. Remain Updated in Your Field

Doctors should remain updated in their chosen field by reading journals, magazines, and books about their chosen specialty. While printed media is still widely used and will likely remain relevant for many years, many doctors are turning to digital media to stay informed. Doctors can benefit from using websites like PubMed to find new articles they can read and reference. They should also regularly get an email account containing the latest medical news and articles. Doctors should also consider signing up for clinical trials by using sites like ClinicalTrials.gov to find opportunities that could help advance their careers.


Doctors should consider the five steps of maintaining their ABP Board Certification, including choosing the right specialty, continuing their education, and remaining updated in their field. If they do so, they’ll be able to stay current in their chosen field and enjoy being ABP Board Certified for many years to come.

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