5 Ways to Build and Maintain a Successful Client Relationship


It would not be wrong to say that a majority of businesses around the world indirectly or directly are client-oriented. And many independent professionals use their resources for expanding their businesses and taking them to new levels. Businesses might be measured by the number of people buying what you sell, but the true essence of business lies in the number of customers repeating business with you. It is not necessary that only new clients and customers mean business. If you have built and maintained good relationships with your clients, chances are they come to you again. If clients do not return, then they definitely will spread the word and recommend you to their friends. So, here are 5 ways to build and maintain a successful client relationship.

Communication is Vital:

No matter how much we stress the importance of communication, it is still going to be less. Communication that is efficient and at the right time comes above everything else. This does not mean that your personal space and productivity should be affected constantly while maintaining communication with a client. The sole objective here is to be available to show that client satisfaction matters to you and so does the client’s requirements. Moreover, building a strong relationship with your client by assuring them that they can be frank and honest with you greatly benefits you as well as the client as it instills credibility. Clients need to feel that they matter to you.

An example of excellence in maintaining client relationships is Michael Majeed. Michael Majeed, Ontario based senior financial consultant and SR&ED tax consultant since 2014 at Arck Innovative Consulting Corporation owes much of his success to his relationship-building skills, of which communication is of eminent importance.

Surpass Expectations:

Client relationships also extend to providing your clients with the best products or services, this is what they expect from you. Always take efforts on enhancing what your company has to offer. The key to happy and satisfied customers is to impress them with under promising and over delivering. Once you take up exceeding expectations as a habit, you will see that customers keep coming back to you. As an example, if your client is awaiting a product or a service after a month, take efforts to provide the same a bit earlier.

Treat a Client like Any Other Individual:

Treating a client like any other individual does not mean that providing them with something that they have seen before or something that you offer everyone, or at least do not make them feel so. Treating them like anyone else means that every human has similar expectations, no wonder all of them are unique. You just have to assure them that you can serve them with what they need and deliver accordingly, mentioning that you have a basic solution for common problems. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that never make them feel like they are being treated like how anyone else would be treated. Make them feel special and you will have a stronger relationship with them.

Maintain a Positive Attitude:

Whether you are an independent professional or an employee you carry a whole lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Responsibilities bring stress, anxiety, and tensed emotions but no matter what, you need to maintain a positive attitude when with your clients. Always work on portraying what your clients want to see. You should be oozing positive energy and confidence so that your client feels your enthusiasm and zeal and enjoys working with you.

Be Thankful to Your Clients:

Expressing gratitude and being thankful even for the smallest of things does wonders. Expressing gratitude doesn’t mean the common appreciation that can be found in almost all places for business. Exhibit your gratitude in a manner that your client believes it. Anthony Robbins, an American author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist says, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

Expressing gratitude does not mean organizing a fancy party or preparing a vote of thanks. It can be as simple as a handwritten note, a present, or a personalized gift.

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