Game Day Party


Whether it’s a match between professionals or of the college variety, game day is a fun time with friends and family. To make sure your day is enjoyable, follow these five ways to have a successful party.

1. Show the Game on Several Sets

While the purpose of the party is to watch the game, your guests will enjoy milling about, nibbling on snacks and visiting with others. Make sure there are television sets in several rooms and if you have cable, buy some rf splitters so your guests can keep up with the game wherever they are.

2. Provide Plenty of Seating

The game could last for several hours, so make sure you have plenty of places where your guests could relax, including recliners, kitchen chairs and ottomans.

3. Don’t Forget the Ice

Provide your guests with a wide range of drinks and plenty of ice so they can enjoy canned sodas and other drinks. Keep everything in a tub of ice to keep them cool.

4. Provide a Buffet

In case of overtime, your guests are bound to get hungry so provide a wide variety of snacks. Offer nachos along with plenty of chips, melted cheese dip and meats. Offer a couple of platters of sweets as well, including brownies and cupcakes.

Provide styrofoam cups and keep a permanent marker nearby so your guests can each label their own. That way there’s no mixup and you won’t have a waste of cups.

5. Include the Kids

Give the kids a chance to burn off extra energy by providing some footballs for them to play with outside. They can have their own game in the backyard while the adults are watching the real game on a television inside.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a fun and relaxing game day.

By saif