500W vs 750W Mixer Grinder – What is The Difference?


Do you know the distinction between a 500W and 750W mixer? Mixer grinders are incredibly well-known these days, and there is no doubt about it. Every day, hundreds of mixers are sold.

Before putting your money in your shopping cart, know what mixer grinder you should choose: 500 watts, 500 watts, or 750 Watts. It all depends on your needs, expectations and price. After reading this three-minute guide, you will know what mixer watts are most suitable.

What is the difference between 500 Watt and 750-watt Mixers Grinder?

  • Motor Speed: The main and most crucial distinction between the two is the speed at which they run. Because a motor of 500 watts is less potent than a 750-watt motor, it will have a lower RPM than the former.
  • Power Consumption: It was evident that the 500-watt mixer will use less electricity than a 750-watt mixer grinder. Thus, you will save money by using an engine that is 500W. In contrast, the 750W motors are made for high-end operations, therefore using more energy.
  • RPM: is the acronym in the form of “revolution per mile”. It is what number of times the mixer’s blade crusher rotates per minute. For a 500-watt mixer, RPM ranges from 17-to 19000. If you have a 750W motor, the RPM is as high as 22000. Keep in mind that more RPM means more excellent performance and less time.
  • Performance: A 500-watt motor is designed for routine grinding tasks. It includes dry grind and chutney preparation and wet grinding to a certain degree. While for mixers with 750 watts, grinders should be able to perform regular and hard grinding. You can do turmeric grinding, crushing, prepare idli/dosa batter & even do juicing.
  • Pricing: The main difference between the 750W and 500W mixer grinders is their cost. The former is priced at an affordable price compared to the latter. If you’re on a budget, go for a mixer with 500-watts as most 750 watts mixer grinders come under 4000 INR.
  • Jars: typically an appliance that is powered by 500W, are supplied with two or three pots. For mixers with 750W, you will get three to five Jars (whether you pick the juicer container or not).
  • Warranty: You are covered by one year warranty on your 500-watt mixer grinder. In some instances, it may be as long as two years. However, in the case of grinders with 750W, you will get a minimum of two years of warranty.

Is a 500-watt Mixer Grinder Enough?

If you require a mixer grinder to cater for a small household and not to be used for heavy-duty, then 500 watts for your mixer is quite a good choice.

There is no need to spend money on unnecessary expenses. It is crucial w.r.t the differences between 750-watt and 500-watt mixer grinders.

It will do various essential tasks that can cut down on the time you cook in the kitchen. In most Indian kitchens, it is recommended that a 500-watt mixer grinder is sufficient.

However, you must purchase a higher-power motor if you want additional power. Find out more about how to pick the most suitable mixer grinder.

Which mixer is the best? 500 Watt or 750 Watt?

Let’s be clear. I have clarified what specifications you need to meet for a 500-watt mixer grinder.

If you are looking to do the tough grind and kneading of atta, juicing shredding, mincing foods, meat crushing, and making idli/dosa batter, don’t look any further than the 750-watt mixer. If you’re interested in more, you could compare the food processor and an idli/dosa grinder.

A motor of 500W cannot complete these tasks since they call for power. If you try to achieve this forcefully, you’ll burn the motor or damage the blades. No one would like to rush toward service centers, do we?

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