6 Creative idea’s How To Make Custom Candy Boxes More Attractive


The development of an innovative product is no longer a big deal. You might have produced delectable candies and are most probably excited to introduce them to the market. But, you also know that competition is becoming tougher, which is why you need to look creative. Custom candy boxes with attractive designs have the potential to help you procure front- and – center shelf space. The risk of getting lost in the shadows of crowded shelves is real. The only way to stand out from the rest is through great packaging design. To help you out, we have devised a packaging designing guide containing everything you need. 

The windowed boxes:

Creating a product line differentiation through die-cut window designing is becoming a trend these days. The candies are usually targeted to busy people who are looking for convenient and tasty food when they need a snack. But, the standard packaging makes them blind to the quality of these sweet edibles. Attract more and more consumers towards your consumers by giving them a sneak peek at what you are selling. So, have a die-cut window over the candy packaging that is substituted with translucent PVC sheets. The customers always want something great for themselves, so this product preview would definitely help them. This kind of transparency assists in building increased levels of trust in your brand. This design is also a great innovation to hook the attention of clients who never thought of purchasing your products before. 

Festive themes:

Candies are used as favors for holidays and festivals like Christmas, Halloween, Valentin’s Day, and weddings. Festive designs are more popular than you think among the customers, and they make the people fall in love with the product. Modify your packaging design themes a little bit according to the upcoming celebrations to build up the craze for your candies. If you are designing candy boxes for wedding favors, add some glitters and sparkles to them. They cause the surface of packages to shimmer or sparkle and draw focus towards the items inside. You can also stylize the wedding candy boxes in smart shapes of a flower, ring, and heart. These shapes match with the overall theme of the wedding event and provide a worth-remembering experience to the audience. Likewise, the festivals of spring and winter allow you to be creative with different unique ideas. 

Minimalist box design:

A unique look of the candies is essential for the persuasion of customers to begin purchasing from you. If you think that this distinctiveness can be achieved by a blend of designs that produce visual noise, you are wrong. It is the simplicity factor in your design that has the ability to make your products look individual. By simplicity, we do not mean to compromise the design and go for a dull, plain cardboard box. Instead, go for the small candy boxes that have a solid color with your logo placed on the front-facing side. The dark and white colors mixed together are a perfect example of a simple design. Such a minimalistic design does not affect the information perceiving ability of the target audience. Rather, it simplifies the process for them by making the details look more understandable. 

Description with catchy fonts:

The candies always carry some nutritional value which is of great interest to the clients following a strict diet. So, the story about the sweet edibles you are selling should always be there on the candy box. These eatables are also highly used for gifting purposes around the world. So, the customers would also be intrigued to know whether these edibles would be suitable for health as many people suffer from diabetes. Imprint all this description concerning your sweets on the front side of the box in catchy yet plausible fonts. Thinking outside the box is creative, but not at the expense of compromising the legibility of the printed text. Avoid using typefaces that are overly smaller and larger or the ones with a complex style. Make the product description more perceivable for the audience by selecting trendy typefaces such as sans-serif, slab-serif, and script. 

Colors with audacity:

It is the simplest possible idea to catch the attention of customers without putting in too much effort. Colorful packages look bright when placed on the retail shelves and are often the indicators of flavors of candies. So, select bright colors for your Chinese candy boxes to reflect the bright fruit flavors from which your sweets are made of. The delightful range of colors can make them look extremely aesthetic and visually more prominent. You can go for the faded colors as well, but they do not have a strong visual impact due to the lower wavelength. 

Gold stamping:

Foil stamping involves the operation of heat and pressure to stamp the foils directly onto the candy boxes wholesale. It can be utilized to create the desired texture such as matte, gloss, or metallic, depending on the need. The idea is to stamp gold foils onto the packages for a high-end look at your products. It transforms a simple box design into something more luxurious and premium. Print the special name of your sweets or brand on the packages with gold stamping to offer a focal point to the audience. Gold stamping confirms a clean finish to your box design and makes your edibles appear more stunning and attractive. 

The custom packaging design is the true reflection of the product and brand behind its making. Going with the right design can make your candies look compelling and eye-catching more than ever before. Create your candy boxes in a distinctive style with bold colors and attractive stamped foils to increase the love for candies inside. 

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