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Custom MMA gloves have made its way to the latest trending list for all the right reasons. You might wonder what features have allowed it to be in the trend list as they are merely fighting gloves. 

Modern MMA has become standard for MMA fighters. But there are a lot of interesting facts which have turned it into a trend. Customized MMA gloves are no longer a need of MMA battlers, but all fitness enthusiasts have adopted it.

Its versatility is why even gym goers and yoga people choose to wear it. That’s not all! You wish to keep it in your gear kit for many compelling reasons. 

Read along to cherish your personalized MMA gloves even more.

Custom MMA gloves: A trend making rounds on the internet

The popularity of customized MMA gloves has risen with time. And there are many reasons for it. It can be its quirky look or a style statement many wish to embrace. 

No matter for what reason you’re inclined towards it, you can bring more productivity to your life through it. Also, personalized MMA gloves will always be able to steal the limelight. Want to know how?

Let’s get started!

  1. Inspire by a film

The least-known fact is that a movie inspires the contemporary style of custom MMA gloves. Yes! Bruce Lee was first seen wearing these strange-looking gloves in his film ‘Enter the Dragon’.

The most interesting part is that those gloves instantly caught the attention of many and were later seen at a Japanese Shooto promotion.

These vintage gloves are much alive and making waves in the form of personalized MMA gloves today. You might see some changes, but it is only to make it more robust and dynamic.

2. More dynamic than boxing gloves

As stated above, customized MMA gloves are known for their diversity and energy. You can instantly feel more in control once you wear it. The unusual fact is that even being lightweight, these gloves still manage to outshine heavily padded boxing gloves.

So much so that you can maximize your punching power to 4x to 5x more without being exhausted. These custom gloves are made of leather which feels light on the skin and is perfect for long wear.

Also, they are incorporated with foam padding, which is ideal for protecting your knuckles and fingers from bruises and fists.

3. Grappling made easy

The new and improved version of customized MMA gloves is specifically designed for grappling. You’ll be astonished to see its curves which make combating easier for battlers.

Its y-shape style allows battlers to maintain a firm grip over opponents. Also, it helps you defend against strong blows from contestants. The evenly divided foam padding makes it more resistant and vigorous.

4. Comes in every size

No matter what age group or palm size, there is always a customized MMA glove for you. The flexibility of leather fabrics enables manufacturers to custom-make as per palm circumference. 

You may also choose to wear it with striking color contrast to look more vibrant and prepared for an MMA battle.

5. Fast blow absorbent

Step into the ring confidently, as it’s your time to shine with personalized MMA gloves. Even being perceived as vulnerable to many MMA gloves can still absorb strong impacts. 

You should know that it is the best fighting glove to help you defend. And also maximize your punching power.

6. Super protected

Thinly padded gloves consist of mighty power and keep you guarded. Also, you can take more safety precautions by wearing hand wraps underneath. The foam padding makes it easy to wear. You can increase padding density from 4oz to 7oz to ensure more protection.

By wearing personalized MMA gloves, you are safe from severe injuries, bone dislocation, and bruises. These robust gloves are ideal for a brutal sport like MMA.

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Final thoughts

There can be many reasons why you wish to add customized MMA gloves to your gear kit. Not only due to its trendy look but also because they are powerful.

You can expect a more dominating performance by wearing these in the ring. Custom MMA gloves will also give you results, whether on or off the field.

Nevertheless, you should be conscious about buying it from an authentic store.

We have filtered out one of such stores for you. Are you eager to know? Let’s find out!

Chart-topper customized MMA glove at cut-rate

Finding an ideal pair of leather gloves can be tough. You might look for it from store to store. We are here to keep you safe from the hustle and bustle of online shopping.

Infinitude Fight offers premium quality custom MMA gloves on a budget. You don’t have to indulge in impulsive buying or look out for fancy customization services, as they have experts.

You can create your customized MMA glove or buy one of their custom design gloves. No matter what you pick, you’re only purchasing value-for-money products.

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