Humans are unique creatures and all of us are wonderful in our own distinct way. We all have our own particular idiosyncrasies and shortcomings that make us dear to some and annoying to others. However, many things that may seem normal to us may feel abnormal to others. After all, normal and abnormal are just two ways of perceiving things.

However, if you’re having difficulty in determining what’s right for you or unable to clear your train of thoughts then maybe you are in dire need of help. Visiting a psychiatrist doctor in Dubai could prove helpful in this regard. On this note, today we’re going to describe some circumstances under which you must seek help immediately.

1.    Difficulty in Performing Day-to-Day Activities

One of the main reasons why people seek help from a medical professional is because they aren’t able to lead their normal life. They have trouble in performing their everyday tasks as they used to do with ease but there’s no valid reason behind this inability.

2.      Rapid Mood Swings

Similarly, if you think your mood isn’t stable and you’re facing mood swings too often, you should seek help from a reliable psychologist in UAE. According to mental health experts, most psychological disorders induce significant mood swings. Therefore, if you’re having rapid fluctuation in your mood, you should see a psychologist.

3.      Feeling of Sadness & Hopelessness Most of the Time

Feeling mellow, sad or hopeless without any valid reason is a major sign of depression. You must be aware that depression is one of the most common mental health issues that people suffer from.

Other than feeling despair, poor concentration, feeling exhausted, worthlessness and sleep disturbances are other prominent symptoms of depression. Whenever you observe any of these signs, you must visit one of the most professional psychiatrist doctors for consultation.

4.      Feeling of Extra Anxiousness

Anxiety and excessive worry are also common signs that show your mental health is suffering. People who are mentally healthy are generally less anxious, happy and have an optimistic approach. On the other hand, those who have mental health problems such as OCD, anxiety, depression or phobias are usually quite anxious. You must be aware that anxiety can make anyone feel helpless, paralyzed and can severely impact their overall health.

5.      Unable to Cope with Past Traumatic Experiences

Traumas are scary. They can turn anyone’s normal life upside down in an instant. But the impact of traumas is far more grave than you may think. If left untreated, past traumas can destroy the overall psyche of an individual.

People who have gone through some sort of traumatic event in their past usually have scary flashbacks and nightmares. Therefore, if you or any of your loved ones have been through some kind of traumatic event recently, you must seek medical help from one of the best family psychologists. 

6.      Thinking About Suicide

Studies show that majority of the psychological issues that people face ultimately lead them to suicide. Because of this reason, no one should overlook their mental well being. Similarly, if you feel that anyone around you is going through a difficult phase, you should do your best to help them out. 

To sum it up, these aren’t the only signs of deteriorating mental health. Our mind and body exhibits different symptoms when the mental health is at risk. You shouldn’t neglect this sign at any cost and seek help at the earliest. Delaying it can have life-threatening consequences.

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