Have you ever been asked these questions  “Do you meditate? or “how is your life balance going”?  The sad reality is that we live in a culture that hopes for those things for ourselves and for each other but spends most of the time doing the exact opposite. We ask each other how are doing, but barely have time to get a response. Look, I get it, we are all striving to secure our place in the primal pecking order. But you may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to start a self-care path for yourself. And to encourage others. Here are some self-care solutions for men over fifty. 

De-Clutter Your World 

Don’t think that being organized matters? Having a daily plan and decluttering your world can greatly reduce your stress levels. There have been studies that show excess weight gain caused by depression due to being unorganized. Clutter can affect the food choices you make and your stress levels. How many times did you have difficulty finding something and wound up late, stressed, and screaming in the car on the way to an important meeting? Figure out what needs to be in order and find a structure that works for you and your schedule. Keep calm, and declutter on. 

Positive Vibes Only 

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Not for others, but for yourself. What do you see? Note all the positive things you see when you look at yourself and note the negative thoughts. Write those negative thoughts down and tear up those pieces of paper. It is a new day, a new you. You are amazing. And your confidence does hold up your frame as you step out into the world. Positive affirmations will help you hold your head high and make decisions that honor who you are. 

Get Your Body To Move 

Some people call it working out. But it really is working “in”. And working on yourself. And maybe you are a gym guy and that works for you. But if you are not, then look for local organizations sports teams to join. Making a team commitment means you will be more motivated to stay consistent to show to support your teammates.  

Clean Up Your Act 

Groom, manscape, spritz, dab, brush, floss and overall clean up your personal hygiene routine. Just the act of taking the time to care for your body is considered self-care. You will smell better too. Take a good look at the products in your bathroom and streamline your am and pm routine. 

Supplement Your Diet 

A daily multivitamin that meets your personal needs is important to add to any diet. If your food habits are not the greatest, consider journaling what you eat for a week. Use a app or just take notes in your phone if you have to. You will be surprised how much better you will eat when you hold yourself accountable. 

Chill Out 

So here is a fun fact to take away from this article. We are all overloaded with too many tasks and too much information. We are all stressed. So find a way to meditate, breathe, take a walk, take a power nap, or do whatever you need to do in the time that you have given yourself to do so. Because now that you are so organized, you do have the time. 

About The Author 

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She is a yoga, pilates, and Lagree teacher, and usually writes about wellness and sustainability.

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