Smartest Halal Travel Tips for Muslim Families


Being a Muslim wanderlust, traveling with your family is quite challenging. Especially being a newbie wed, you are much possessive about your spouse’s needs and likes along with her safety and security.  While picking up any of Halal Family Holidays Package, there are many other common issues, which the Muslim globetrotters have to deal with like the confirmation of halal food, prayer rooms, and private secure rooms.

The newbie Muslim roamers in particular are seen much concerned about their travel plans with their families.  The table talks of fun and touring are so easy. But when you sit to organize your trip plan, then you realize that there are so many things to consider from food, luggage, transportation, and accommodation etc.

So we have decided to share some useful Halal travel tips to make your Muslim family travel a smooth sailing.  For the first time travelers to be, this blog is going to be a useful help for a more comfy vacationing time.

Some Smart Tips to follow for a halal family Tour

If you are thinking for a secure time on your Halal familia escape, then look at the following useful tips listed below

Go for a Muslim Tourist Country

It is the most useful option for an ideal family escape on a Muslim land with Islamic rules and regulations. For a fantabulous tour, Europe is not always an inevitable option. The globe is loaded with loads of panoramic Muslim destinations which can easily fend off your Europe craze.

Go for Halal Booking sites

As a Muslim traveler, it is obvious that you seek an accommodation with some sort of halal/ Muslim friendly facilities. These include a private bedroom with prayer mats or prayer places, and directions.  On a Muslim travel spot, you never have these sorts of issues. But if you are heading to Europe, USA, or Scandinavian countries, you must go for the Muslim friendly travel sites for halal bookings.

Go with a Muslim tour guide

For a complete and sincerest guidance of newbie Muslim travelers, the travel experts or tour guides play a very important role for the safest tour of new Muslim touring families in particular. So we advise you to search for the Muslim travel firms or ask for a Muslim tour guide for your upcoming Muslim friendly itinerary.

If you don’t find any of the above facilities, then make sure to make them completely aware of your halal travel needs and accommodation.

Research for Halal Food

It is very beneficial to do plenty of research on everything especially on the halal cuisines and hotels of whichever place you are going to land on.  Make a thorough research whether halal food options are available in the plane of your chosen airline. You can also make an online research for the mosques in any non-Muslim state where you can go to offer your prayers.  It is one of the very smart Muslim friendly tips for a hassle free stay to your desired/targeted destination.

Keep your Prayer alarms/ Qibla directions on

It is okay if you haven’t asked your guide about the mosques nearby stay stations. To make up for this, we strongly suggest you to get a smart benefit from technology.  Before setting out on your halal family tour, make sure to set on the prayer alarms and install the qibla direction app in your mobile phones. Through these technical apps of mobile phone you can check the time and distance, it would take to reach the mosque or finding your qibla directions in the hotel rooms. 

Furthermore, we also suggest you to take your own prayer mat in your luggage. You can also use your Yoga mat as a prayer mat on your halal travel.

Keep your luggage light

It is one of the smartest tips to go for a comfy or hassle free tour everywhere in the world. We strongly suggest you to keep your bag and baggage light by packing limited items, clothes, or accessories. You also go through a thorough inspection on airport. So avoid keeping anything inappropriate or anything excessive.

For the Muslim ladies a smart travel hack is to roll the clothes and stuff it in your bags instead of folding it flatly.

We wish you a very happy and jovial familia time with all the halal perks, you wish as a staunch Muslim traveler.

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