In life, there are things and events that exist to test your patience. Some come in a pleasurable disguise just like baking.

Many people regardless of age, sex and interest enjoy the delights that this worthwhile activity gives. Needless to say, baking is well-loved across the globe because aside from allowing people to produce yummy and pretty food, it has therapeutic elements that boosts one’s overall well-being too.

There are loads of things that baking teaches and enlightens about. Not only does it help you gain head knowledge and kitchen information, but baking also makes you grow into a more enduring person. Because baking is an activity which cannot be done and finished just whenever you want, you need some bags of patience right there with you in order to enjoy and endure the whole process which, oftentimes, takes uncontrollable components and a long time.

Here are 6 things about baking that will surely test your patience. No need to worry about anything because they will also truly enhance the same!

1 – Getting the exact measurements

baking measurements

Sometimes, cooking does not limit people from precise ingredient quantities; there are home-loving cooks and expert cuisiniers who prefer going with their ‘feeling’ instead of exactly memorizing cookbook recipes.

In baking, however, most of the time, you are more likely to succeed in creating excellent-quality chucks when you are mindful of the must-have measurements of ingredients. Too much bread flour can make a big difference on your baked loaves, and so can too less bread flour. Just the right amount of cake flour will make your cake fantastic as expected!

This tests a huge part of your patience because getting the exact measurements of baking ingredients is not very easy at all. As you know, these elements are usually uncountable, so you need proper measuring tools and knowledge on how to use them. You also need to be very careful when cutting, distributing and pouring them into your baking bowls. 

2 – Feeling the correct texture

baking ingredients

It’s difficult to say that you are doing an effective job at kneading the dough and bread flour when you can literally feel how the soon-to-be grubs you’re forming are extremely fragile or are harder than your head. 

Feeling and realizing the correct texture will absolutely be one of the major patience-testing segments in baking!

Texture can make or break the appetite and the smiles of those who will munch on your baked goodies. Even if your flavored breads are toothsome and colorful, yet the texture is oh-so-poor, people will lose interest and will put down those tasty baked goodies. Texture is more important than how anyone thinks it is; it can set the eaters’ mood and attachment towards the food.

3 – Achieving the right amounts of tastes 

baked cookies

Unless you are perfect, it’s impossible to always get faultless measurements of the baking ingredients you use. That’s why achieving the right amounts of the particular tastes you are trying to attain will prove and stretch your patience.

When the proportion of bread flour you utilize overpowers the thickness of sweet flavorings you spread, anticipate that the taste will not be as sugary as you desire and await. You will have to try again right after your first few attempts or just do better on your next baking day, keeping in mind the aspects you overlooked and minimizing mistakes following that.

4 – Keeping the counter (and yourself) without mess  

baking counter

Mess is a given in baking. This truth will see how your patience goes because it is safe to say that it is hard to NOT make any powdery, sticky and chaotic mess in the baking counter! 

Just imagine the doughs, bread flour, pizza flour, cake flour, sprinkles, sugars and other condiments you got there. You will have no doubt that there’ll be a lot of beautiful mess once you begin baking! That’s the good part about it though; the mess is not really dirty and nasty but more of good-smelling, gentle clutter!

Besides keeping the kitchen clean, keeping yourself without mess is challenging as well because that’s probably unachievable. You have to use your hands to bake, so you know what’s next — they’re going white, dusty and clingy! Moreover, even when you wear an apron and a pair of gloves, sometimes, you still get flour on your face and on your clothes. 

These happenings might test your patience, especially when you’re the type of person who hates even a tiny mess, but hey, don’t overthink and don’t be too meticulous with regards to that because baking often really involves some pleasant mess.

5 – Needing to use alternative baking tools

alternative baking tools

While it is essential to buy and utilize the specific baking apparatuses and machines to efficiently perform various baking procedures and styles, there are unexpected times when you are missing on some items, or your available tools are broken or insufficient. 

This can trial your patience because first, you might feel annoyed when a baking tool you need at the moment suddenly breaks, or you might feel regretful when you forget to buy one important utensil. 

And second, you can’t just complain and waste time. Instead, you need to think wisely, bring out your existing functional cooking instruments and use alternatives for your baking tools. Following this second point is another forbearance-testing aspect which is keeping up with what your alternatives can ‘just’ do. They are substitutes, so you can’t expect them to fully work as appropriately as the baking devices you clearly need, yet you need to maximize them.

6 – Waiting for the goodies to get fully baked

baked goodies

Here’s one of the main, if not the main, things about baking that will assess and lengthen your patience more than you can imagine! Time is the chief factor in patience, and baking needs you to cooperate with the time it demands until the entire baking procedure comes to an end.

Waiting for all the goodies to get fully baked varies depending on the type of food, on the ingredients you use and on the baking machines you have. Some take just a few minutes, quick and easy! Meanwhile, some need more than 24 hours to finally be presentable and edible! 

Nonetheless, if you execute your best efforts, use the right baking strategies and equipment and, of course, allot patience to this activity, expect your baked chows to be outstanding!



Indeed, baking is fun, exciting and stress-relieving, thus, it is a great bonding time for families and a relaxing leisure for individuals. It’s awesome that this enjoyable deed is also educational and motivational. There are so many things that it teaches people and so many good characteristics that it helps individuals develop too. 

Baking definitely requires your patience since the total process needs particular ingredients, a sense of accuracy and value for time. In the end, you will not only obtain delectable baked bonbons but also an improved patience!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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