A personal statement is an essay that entirely revolves around you. It tells the reader about your Personality, your Attributes, your Passion, your Likes and Dislikes. It’s an extremely important element of the admission criteria hence it is a must to write it unless you want to leave it as a cliffhanger which will decrease the probability of you getting the admission.

Looking at the fundamentals

A personal statement is a summary about yourself that is presented to the admission board, to make you stand-out among the rivals. It needs to be unique, sterling and jaw-dropping.

To make sure you’re doing it in the way that’ll make your personal statement obtrude, here are 6 facile and fruitful tips you need to follow.

6 Tips for An Outstanding Personal Statement

1.       Research About Yourself

The personal statement is a way to make an impression on the admission committee of your college hence you need to insert things about yourself that will put everybody away.

In furtherance of that, you need to explore more about thyself. It is going to take time to do a full life-analysis but you’ll be amazed when newer things about your personality will dawn upon you.

2.       Map to The Essay Success: OUTLINE

Whatever and wherever you are writing, making an outline is mandatory because it is a map to your essay success. Enlist, all your strengths and weaknesses. Mention your qualities and skills while outlining.

Jot down everything about yourself that comes in your brain. Then do the compilation, and place them in order from the beginning to the end with the intent to find everything organized when you start writing it.

3.       Do the Ideal Start

The introduction of your personal statement is the most crucial part as it can either engage the reader or make him overlook your essay. Basically, a DO or Die situation. Hence, you need to make sure you are using the perfect opening sentence. A funny, quirky and eccentric start is highly appreciated but it requires to stay-in-context.

4.       Be Honest: Be Yourself

Don’t try to become somebody else. Just because your friend got accepted in his dream university through his personal statement, doesn’t mean following his steps will get you accepted too. You can get inspired from other personal statements but be yourself and most importantly, don’t use fabricated information which can endanger your admission in the future.

Don’t over exaggerate about your problem-solving skills but don’t underestimate them too. You shouldn’t get over-excited when explaining things that later on you find you revealed something that you shouldn’t have done

5.       Enlist Your Achievements

When you are writing your personal statement, basically you are selling yourself. What is the most important thing you will do to sell yourself? Tell the person that you’re capable of getting the place, right? And how will you do that? Through enlisting your achievements.

Talk about the challenges you had, how you overcame them and what did you achieve. But try not to overstate it that the person reading your personal statement becomes sceptical.

6.       Get the Proofreading Done

No matter how good you wrote and how much time you took to produce an essay, proofreading is always mandatory because it enhances the quality of your writing. You can either do it by yourself or can ask somebody else to do it for you.

If you’re not so certain about the essay you’ve generated and have doubts, you can also reach out to the best assignment writing service UK either to get the personal statement written or proofread.

Final Advice,

Once you submit the essay, don’t read it again and again as it’ll put you into guilts and regrets of not adding things that you could have. The universities take time to respond to your personal statement so there’s no need to worry.

Above all, the personal statement is totally about you and your experiences thus make it only about yourself because that’s what the universities are looking forward to seeing in your essay. Remember it’s an opportunity to convince a college to offer you a place hence you need to make it extremely gripping and enthralling.

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