7 Effective Ways To Reduce the Risk of Cancer


Cancer is one of the notorious illnesses. It is such an illness that would affect not only the patient but the family of the patient as well. Cancer is a silent killer, for most of the time a person would get to know that he/she is suffering from cancer when it’s too late. But, no need to worry, you can check the risk factors and get yourself screened accordingly.

The stats of the cancer are grim, but even then the doctors and researchers have made quite a great progress in understanding the biology of cancer. Due to this, it has become way easier to diagnose and treat cancer. 

So, now instead of waiting for a breakthrough in the case of cancer, you can simply opt for various ways to protect yourself from it. According to the oncologists in Lahore, screening for cancer can help you with the early diagnosis of cancer, but even then you should never neglect the symptoms of cancer. You should always be alert.

If you have difficulty remembering the symptoms of cancer, you can remember the word C-A-U-T-I-O-N. Let’s break down the word. 

  • C- Change in bladder or bowel habits
  • A- A sore that is not healing or does not heal
  • U- Unusual discharge or bleeding
  • T- Thickening or the lump in the body especially the breast
  •  I- Indigestion or Difficulty in swallowing 
  • O- Obvious change in the mole or the warts
  • N- Nagging hoarseness or cough

Without a doubt, it’s the best guide to help you. Most of these symptoms are caused by disorders that are nonmalignant in nature. As for cancer, it can lead to symptoms that might not be on your list. Still, it is a useful reminder that would help you make better life choices. 

Now, before much a do, let’s have a look at how you can prevent cancer. If you are hearing conflicting reviews about cancer and you want to prevent cancer, you can simply opt for lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference. 

You can consider the following cancer-preventing tips in this regard.

1.Avoid Using Tobacco

You must have seen the slogan “tobacco kill” multiple times even during the campaigns of tobacco products themselves. Well, there is no doubt about it. Tobacco has a direct link with cancer. Smoking is linked as a causative agent for many types of cancers. These are cancers of the mouth, larynx, throat, bladder, kidney, cervix, pancreas and oral cavity. You’ll be more likely to suffer from pancreatic or oral cavity cancer if you chew tobacco. Infact, even if you are a non-smoker, your exposure to the smoke of tobacco can increase your risk of lung cancer. 

2.Go for Healthy Eating Habit

Even though you are opting for and making healthy choices at the grocery store, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be protected from cancer. To reduce the risk with healthy food choices, you need to consider these guidelines:

  • Eat lots of veggies and fruits
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Cut off the processed meat from your diet
  • Reduce or simply avoid the intake of alcohol

Apart from this, studies show that women who eat mixed nuts and a Mediterranean diet with extra virgin oil, have a low rate of suffering from breast cancer. 

3.Be Physically Active and Stay Healthy

A healthy body means a healthy mind and ultimately maintaining body weight thus reducing the risk of various types of cancer. These cancers include prostate, kidney, colon, lung and breast cancer. 

Physical activity is necessary for maintaining a healthy body weight. In addition to where moderate exercise can keep you healthy and fit, it can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer. 

You need to at least do a moderate exercise for about 20 minutes to see good results in your health. If you can opt for more, that would be even better for yourself. 

4.Limit Unnecessary Exposure to the Sun

Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. But, it doesn’t mean that you spend hours in the sunlight. One of the most common cancers is skin cancer. However, you don’t need to panic as it is an easily preventable form of cancer. 

You need to try the following tips in this regard:

  • You need to avoid the sun during midday. Especially from 10 am to 4 pm. During these hours, the rays of the sun are the strongest.
  • You need to stay in the shade as much as possible while you are outdoors. You should consider wearing a hat and sun-glasses in this regard. 
  • Wear comfy and loose-fitting clothes that cover your body properly. You should opt for a dark or bright colour that reflects most of the UV rays as compared to the pastel colour or bleached cotton clothes.
  • According to the doctors of the Shaukat Khanum hospital, you need to wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Cloudy days shouldn’t be an exception for not wearing sunscreen. 
  • Sunlamps or tanning beds should be a No for you as they are nothing but damaging for your skin.

5.Get Yourself Vaccinated

One of the neglected reasons for cancer is viral infections. Yes, a viral infection can be a hidden cause of infection. You need to talk to your doctor regarding the vaccination against the following:

  • Hepatitis B – Anyone suffering from hepatitis B has an increased risk of cancer. Therefore, adults who are at higher risk are recommended to be vaccinated against it. Especially in the people who have STDs, people who use intravenous drugs, men who are in a sexual relationships with men, people having polygamous relationships or the healthcare workers who are prone to be exposed to the body fluids and infected blood.
  • HPV or Human Papillomavirus – It is a virus that is sexually transmitted in a person. It can cause cancers of genitalia, cervical cancer and even head and neck squamous cell cancer.

6.Avoid Certain Behaviors

There is another important factor that you need to consider regarding cancer prevention is avoiding risky behaviour. It includes:

  • Practising safe intercourse. For if you have more than one partner the chances of you suffering from HIV is increased. And people who have HIV/AIDs or HPV, are more likely to suffer from liver, anus or lung cancer. HPV is mostly linked with cervical cancer. It can also increase the risk of vulvar, vaginal, throat, anus and penis cancer.
  • Avoid sharing used needles. Not only, it will make you prone to HIV but also Hepatitis B and C.

7.Get Yourself Regularly Checked

Last, but not least, you need to get yourself regularly checked for various types of cancers. Early diagnosis would not only help in cancer prevention but also your chances of early recovery are increased. Such cancers include breast, skin, cervix and colon cancer. For further information, you can always reach out to a certified oncologist near you. 

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