Smartphones are in a constant state of flux. There is always some new feature for buyers to get excited about. We’ve all seen features that are just gimmicks; we look back at bubble cameras and wonder how we ever allowed them to hog space on our screens. But other features like dart charging have ushered in convenience like never before. 

Here are 7 lacunae and 7 exciting features that have the power to fix them. These are features that are likely to find their way to smartphones during the remaining 7 months of this year.  Some of them are iPhone inspired, and others are simply thoughtful additions that smartphone users hope to see. 

Lacuna 1: Video quality does not match up to professional cameras

This is indeed an issue in this age of viral challenges and Instagram reels.

Feature that we can see: Dolby vision video recording

This feature has been seen in Apple smartphones already. Given that iPhones typically set the bar when it comes to new features, it is highly likely that the rest of the brands will follow suit. 

Lacuna 2: Depth perception, foreground and background depiction

With people living through their screens, and our lives going completely virtual — from work to school, weddings and even funerals and prayer services — the little things matter. Users want to have as real a sense of what’s on the other side of the screen as possible.

Feature that we can see: Light detection and ranging camera sensor

Abbreviated as a LiDaR sensor, this is again a feature that has been seen in the iPhone 12 Pro. LiDar sensors simply create better, more realistic pictures. The sensor has the ability to detect whether an object stands behind or in front of another object, and therefore gives a much better and much more realistic translation of depth. 

Lacuna 3: Photos that “show it as you see it”

We live in times where “flexing”, or in other words, boasting about your expensive purchases and experiences is commonplace. People want to show their peers, loved ones and friends the amazing places they have been to, and the amazing DIY cuisine and crafts they have mastered. 

Feature that we can see: 192MP cameras

Some premium phones already boast 108MP lenses as part of their rear camera set-up. Mi mobiles such as the Mi 10i, which costs only around Rs. 21,000 come with 108MP cameras. We can soon witness brands taking it a step further, offering 192MP primary cameras.

Lacuna 4: There is a section of the market that would like for their phones to fit in their pockets and clutch-purses

When the first large iPhone came out, there were spoof ads showing the user struggling to move about because of an exaggeratedly large smartphone sticking out of their back pocket, and poking into their shoulder blades. While smartphones did not (or have not yet) gone that far, screens have become about 6.5 inches large to allow for delightful gaming and streaming. However, a lot of the users find smaller phones easier to use and more convenient. 

Feature that we can see: Mini phones

Apple calls their ‘smaller avatars’ mini phones. The iPhone 12 series comes with an iPhone 12 Mini variant, for example. Having witnessed the huge demand for these devices, other brands are also likely to feel confident enough to take the risk of having a smaller screen. Screen size has pretty much become a battle over the last few years, making it challenging for users with a preference for smaller phones to find a device that is comfortable to use. 

Lacuna 5: More realistic entertainment devices with higher refresh rates

People are using their smartphones to stream content, or to get their gaming fix for the day. However, while mobile devices are fast enough to accommodate gaming, higher refresh rates would certainly elevate the overall experience.

Feature that we can see: 144Hz refresh rates

The norm was 90Hz for the longest time, and in fact, a large number of users will continue to make do with 90Hz refresh rates. However, we might soon witness the influx of smartphones boasting a 144Hz refresh rate. That will mean that the 120Hz refresh rate now seen in premium phones will become more common in budget models.

Lacuna 6: Users want still bigger batteries

Users will always want larger batteries. Today, people use their phones throughout the day, and yearn for smartphones that offer uninterrupted usage.

Feature that we can see: 8000mAh batteries

Expect to see 8000mAh battery phones come out this year. In 2020, 6000mAh batteries became the norm even with budget smartphones, including in Redmi mobiles under 10000 INR such as the Redmi 9 Power.

Lacuna 7: Users want even faster charging

As previously mentioned, people don’t like to be separated from their phones for long. The faster the charging, the shorter the separation.

Feature that we can see: 100W Dart Charging

We’ve already seen 65W dart charging in recently launched smartphones. In fact, last year, Realme was rumored to be working on a smartphone that boasts of 100W+ charging support, dubbed “Ultra Dart Charging”. This could become a reality this year.

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