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7 frame styles that’ll make you wish you wore glasses


Do you wear glasses?

It’s fine if you don’t. But you must have tried them once just to see how you look in them.

You love how people with glasses look smarter and more intelligent. Maybe you’re thinking of getting a pair for yourself to be a part of the ‘geek chic’ group.

But now the question is, ‘which style should I go for?’ And since there are updates in frame shapes setting the trend every year, finding the right frame can be a hard nut to crack.

I’ve scouted around and brought you the 7 trendiest frame styles of the season that will fuel your desire of wearing glasses.

Marble frames

Talk about making a fashion statement now!

Marble frames with eye-catching designs were spotted at several fashion shows this season. So I guess it goes without saying that they are going to be all the rage in 2022.

Most online glasses stores will offer you a wide variety of marble frames. But, you must pick a pair that suits your face shape and style preference.

These frames will add an edge to your character and make you come across as bold. You can have these frames in sunglasses as well. Unique designs and oversized silhouettes will make you more attention-grabbing.

Oversized double wire rim frames

Double wire-rim frames have made it to the list of hottest eyewear trends for 2022. These glasses have an oversized look that’s so on-trend these days. The double rims also make for added support for your glasses.

These frames have thin metal rims that look elegant and balance out the bold appeal of these glasses. Also, the double rim gives a different texture to the frame that makes you look distinguishable.

You can have the double rims on any frame shape just to give a little detailing to your eyewear. I have them on my aviator glasses and they look ten times cooler with them.

Coloured lenses

We all try our best to match our accessories with our outfits to create a coordinated look. And as it looks, matching eyewear with outfits is going to be such a thing in 2022.

Not only the frames, but you can also now match your lenses with your attire by choosing from a variety of coloured lenses.

These lenses add an instant dash of cool to your glasses and give them an off-beat makeover. The monochromatic look of these glasses will bring a punch of colour to your appearance and make your outfit one with your glasses.

Square glasses

Square glasses may be retro but they fit perfectly in the modern fashion world. They give a dramatic change to your regular glasses and the big boxy frames make a strong fashion statement.

They aren’t as serious as rectangle glasses and also not as laidback as round frames. They are somewhere in between and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Get them in chunky acetate frames to lend some angles to your features. Or keep it low and try them in thin and elegant metal rims.

Aviator glasses

If you’re bored of seeing aviators in sunglasses, you can wear them with clear lenses too. They make a bold fashion statement and look great on people with a square face shape.

Aviator glasses vary in size so it’s important to get yourself a pair that doesn’t look too bulky on your face. And since these glasses are enough on their own, you might want to keep the rest of your look simple to let your aviator glasses shine through.

Embellished glasses

If you are looking for an affordable way to look like royalty, then embellished glasses frames will go a long way. If you don’t wear glasses and only want them to amplify your look, the decorative detailing on these glasses is the way to go.

You can have crystals or flowers on the frame to add a stunning vibe to your eyewear. However, these glasses will work better in parties and outings where you may want to be a little extra. Wearing these to your office will only get you side-eye stares from your colleagues.

Transparent glasses

Transparent or clear frame glasses have been trendy for some seasons and the next year is going to be no different. The simplistic vibe of these glasses is being appreciated by the millennials.

The fresh material puts a contemporary spin on your vintage frame styles and updates your look for 2022.

These are the styles you need to stay on trend in 2022. Choose the best for your face shape and personal style to look your best self in new specs.

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