7 Important Tips For Laptop Kaufen

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Now we are living in an age of digitalization. The Internet and computers have made our lives much easier. There are two types of computers, desktop computers, and laptop computers. Although many things can be done through tablet computers and smartphones nowadays, the demand for desktop computers and notebook computers is still there. At one time notebooks were considered a luxury, but now laptops have become essential to us.

While buying a laptop, many of us can understand which one to buy?  How much to buy? Which brand to buy? What characteristics must exist?. Today we will look at what things to keep in mind before a laptop?

While buying a good laptop, it is good for us to know some things in advance. First of all, we have to determine the purpose for what we will buy the laptop for, we will choose what we need based on our demand.

7 Most Popular Tips For Laptop Kaufen

1. Pick your Best Operating System

2. Display And Screen

3. Pick a Processor

4. Select a Compatible RAM

5. Pick Your Storage

6. Ports And Connectivity

7. Battery Backup

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#1. Pick your Best Operating System

Computers consist of main parts hardware and software. First, we will discuss the software, what kind of software and what is it? There are two types of software – systems software and application software. This system’s software is the operating system (OS). All application software is run depending on the operating system. The operating system is 32 bit and 64 bit. Select the bit according to the hardware of your laptop. If your portable device has more than 4 GB or 4 GB of RAM, choose a 64-bit OS.

The most widely used operating systems on current personal computers are Windows OS, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux. Of these, Windows OS is the most widely used, accounting for about 77% of the world’s computers running Windows OS. macOS is only available with Apple devices. Chromebook is available with one Chrome OS. Linux is usually used by software engineers and technical students. Good for Linux programming. If you are a designer of any kind, then MacOs can be good for you.

#2. Display And Screen

Laptops currently have different quality displays. For instance, Hd, Hd or 1280X720 pixels, Full HD or 1920X1080 pixels, Quad Hd or 2560X1440 pixels, 4K or 3840X2160 pixels. Your display quality will depend on the price of your laptop. Now, select the screen size according to your demand.

If you need to carry a laptop with you wherever you go, then it is better to use a small-sized laptop. Keeping that reason in mind you can buy a notebook with a 12 to 14-inch screen. Generally, the standard size of the laptop is 15.6 inches. You can also choose 16 inches based on your desire. The bigger the screen, the heavier it will be. However,  recently different types of lighter portable devices are available under the name Ultrabook, in that case, you may not get all the features you desire.

#3. Pick a Processor

The processor is regarded as ‚Äčthe brain of the computer. The more excellent the processor, the more powerful your machine will be. Before buying a laptop, you need to decide what you want from this device. In case, you have to perform normal net browsing or watching movies, listening to music, etc. Dual-core or i3 processor is sufficient enough. If you are working on graphic design or programming then you can use intel i5, i7 or more top-notch processors. You can also choose AMD’s processor. Most of the time the performance of the processor depends on how much you can invest in your laptop.

#4. Select a Compatible RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) allows the other core components to work together. Basically, the performance of the processors depends on healthy RAM. Current laptops generally possess 2GB to 16GB of RAM. You need to use 4 GB or more RAM for the smooth performance of your notebook. The latest version of RAM is DDR-5. If you have to play games or edit videos you should use 8 GB or more of RAM.

#5. Pick Your Storage

There are two types of storage: SSD and Hard Disk. SSDs are lighter, smaller, and faster than hard disks. SDDs may cost you something more than HDDs. Depending on your demand and budget you may also choose 1 TB, 2 TB hard disk.

#6. Ports And Connectivity

Ports are also the essential parts to operate the computer. For instance USB port (2 to 3), HDMI port (1), ETHERNET port 1, SD card reader, USB type C, Audio Jack, VGA post is better. Also, if you need a CD or DVD drive, buy it. To make sure of the connectivity, buy a laptop with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

#7. Battery Backup

Before buying a laptop, you should check the battery backup of the laptop. The more backups available, the more convenient it will be to use. Monitor the rating on the battery at the time of purchase.

What should I do to purchase the best laptop?

To purchase the best laptop firstly you should study about all the components and their functions. You can also read different laptop kaufen guides over the internet. 

Why should I consider the core components in buying a laptop?

In buying a laptop you must consider all the core components so that it will be possible for you to fulfill your desired demand.


Keeping the above tips in mind you can reliably purchase the best laptop ever. Fulfilling all the mentioned objects you will face no more difficulty in choosing the perfect notebook suitable for you.

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