Late bloomers can often feel that life has passed them by. Nothing could be farther from the truth, though. The term ‘late bloomer’ often gives a connotation of someone who achieves mainstream success later in life. But the truth is that many well-known and reputed achievers in all areas of industry and art did some of their best work later in life. One reason is that you can get a lot more resilient as you grow older and learn to value the important things more too. So, if you consider yourself to be a ‘late bloomer’, know that there is plenty to look forward to! Here are seven steps you can take to make the years in your rear-view mirror work in your favour.

Keep Learning

The old saying ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is both insulting to dogs (and humans) and inaccurate! The most successful and happiest people are the ones that recognise that you need to keep learning to stay youthful and energetic as you grow older. This applies to skills, general wisdom, and education. Keep learning from others and looking out for ways to keep your skills updated. If you haven’t had a chance to finish your education, look up courses you can easily fit into your current life. Distance education can be a boon for this. For example, reputed  universities such as Aston University offer a flexible, online business analytics degree that you can complete from the convenience of your home.               

Think Long-Term

The key to a fulfilling life can often be patience with yourself (and others). Making significant changes in your life that will result in lasting payoffs usually takes both a lot of work and a lot of time. But it is worth it. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see immediate success. Think of your life as a marathon, not a sprint. Keep taking baby steps. More often than not, true success can take years. In time though, you definitely do start seeing small payoffs, and eventually, the bigger ones.  

Don’t Undermine Yourself

Late bloomers often have a more youthful outlook towards life and more patience with life’s various ups and downs and imperfections. So, don’t sell yourself short. You have a lot to offer, and a lot going for you. Every lesson learnt is a way ahead, and as cliche as the term ‘University of Hard Knocks’ is, it’s true in that your journey through life does often teach you a number of hard-won lessons. Wisdom is usually not far behind either.

Recognise Your Past and Present Constraints, Then Forget Them

There can be a vast number of reasons for a slower start. Recognise those constraints from your own life and accept them. Remember, except for the lucky few, most of us ordinary people will have to struggle throughout our lives against some constraint or another while trying to achieve our greatest potential. Maybe it is that you married early and had children or had to start working full time at a young age, or had to deal with a bunch of health challenges. Maybe, you just weren’t focussed enough for other reasons. Whatever the case, you’re far from being alone. Most people deal with being a late bloomer in some area of life or another — be it education, matrimony, fitness, wealth, or other parameters. Nobody will have it all, and most will have their own struggles that they don’t or can’t reveal to the rest of the world.

Spend Your Time Around Positive People

If you’re looking at improving your life, there’s no better place than around positive, encouraging people that see the possibilities of life just like you do. Try not to spend too much time around people that complain a lot or are convinced that your or their efforts are worthless and will never amount to anything. It can sometimes be impossible to avoid this type of company. If you can’t avoid them, then it might be a good idea to keep your ideas or desired vision about the future to yourself, at least until you’re sure of your progress.

Get Moving

If it’s possible for you to take up exercise, then start on a fitness regimen as soon as you can. Being on the move has a number of physical and mental health benefits that a sedentary life simply doesn’t. People that work out regularly are often more optimistic. Exercise also helps you feel less overwhelmed. Going to a gym or swimming pool can also have the added benefit of getting to meet people. Never overdo the exercise though and stay mindful of how much your body can take. Talk to your doctor about what kind of exercise routine might be best suited to you. Neuroscience research shows that regular exercise done in tune with your body has a number of brain-boosting benefits, in addition to health benefits. Exercise can also greatly help you with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and apathy.

Talk Less, Do More

There is scientific research that shows that talking about your goals in advance can often lead to lesser enthusiasm and motivation during your journey. One reason could be that you get immediate praise or social media approval just for stating your goals. Once your mind has received that dopamine hit of social approval, your motivation declines. So, if you want to meet your goals, it might make more sense to talk less about them and focus more on actually trying to meet those goals. Also, try and enjoy your journey towards your goals. Life can often be more about enjoying the journey and cherishing it than just reaching the destination!

Being a late bloomer simply does not mean that you’ve lost the chance at achieving what you want due to a slower start. It just means you need to keep an open mind, work hard, and see where life takes you! More often than not, your life’s journey has taught you true grit that will make it easier for you to attain long-term success.

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