7 Ways Boba Businesses Conquer Customer Loyalty

7 Ways Boba Businesses Conquer Customer Loyalty


The boba tea industry is one of those industries that feeds on client loyalty. Boba tea, often known as bubble tea, is a Taiwanese beverage characterized by chewy tapioca balls and a wide range of tea flavors. Due to its devoted fan base, the drink is extremely popular among millennials, and Buzzfeed quizzes like “Are you hooked to Bubble Tea?” have been created.

What’s their secret to attracting such a large following? To have a thorough understanding of this, consider the following key themes, which offer some advice on how to increase customer loyalty in the bubble tea business. Here, we’ll share what we’ve learned about building loyal followers and converting transactions into relationships.

  • Utilize Digital Technology and Social Media

Try to strike a balance between acquisition and retention, especially if you’re a small business with limited marketing resources. Utilize a digital loyalty program because it can assist you in obtaining and utilizing this technology data at a reasonable cost. Switching to a digital loyalty program also reduces the multitude of challenges. This makes it simple to keep track of your customers’ activity.

  • When it comes to rewards or program structure, think beyond the box.

Create a VIP program for your clients instead of merely offering discounts. The experience of receiving the prize is valuable in and of itself. Other firms should go outside the box when it comes to rewards in this way. Finally, be innovative with your program such that it provides actual value and advantage to your customer.

  • Keep an eye on social media for comments.

Attempt to respond personally to every comment and idea made on social media, whether positive or negative. This will assist your customers trust you by giving them the impression that you are interested in their feedback. This is an excellent customer retention approach.

  • Understand that a loyalty program can only help to supplement a wonderful product.

Provide a level of quality and service that sets your side hustle bubble tea or Franchise Businesses apart from other boba shops. Make an effort to offer a variety of boba tea flavors. And if you can personalize it to meet the specific demands of your clients, it can help your company grow quickly. Prioritize food quality and customer service at all times.

  • Segment your customer base and provide tailored messaging to them.

Don’t limit yourself to traditional advertising in this digital age. Other firms may still be squandering money by distributing flyers around plazas or in newspapers. But that is no longer the case. Use digital platforms to reach more diverse and segmented groups for a more focused marketing approach by segmenting your existing clients.

  • Customers’ preferences should be taken into account.

The ability to add annotations to a customer profile is a wonderful feature of this loyalty program because it ensures that all personnel are aware of a client’s drink preferences. This will not only help to develop trust in the minds of your customers, but it will also assist in increasing the quantity of recommendations.

  • Prioritize loyalty program training and value employee-customer relationships.

Giving your employees good training is one of the most important things you can do as a business. Because all of your employees have gone through training and understand how the loyalty program works, any one of them should be able to answer questions about it. Every employee is expected to interact with each customer in order to provide a more personalized experience. Also, talk to your personnel to have a better understanding of what your consumers are saying.

As you can see, boba firms can put the “tea” in customer loyalty by learning more about their clients, efficiently training their staff, sending targeted messaging, working hard to create relationships, and providing a top-notch product. Hasn’t started a Bubble Tea Business yet? Get in touch with us today to Start your Own Business!

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