8 Lakh Olive Ridley Turtles off the Coast of Odisha


Now that humans, who are the most threatened of many marine organisms, are in full lockdown, Olive Ridley, a rare sea turtle, is back onshore for nesting, one of several endangered species. Book your United Airlines Reservations flights and go to see the turtle at this place.

Nature is out and about because human are in

The cases of COVID-19 are increasing every second. Countries around the world have seen the worst and the global economy has certainly been hit hard. Nature seems to benefit from the epidemic. As the activities of humans have been halted, nature is recuperating itself and making the most of the 21-day imprisonment period.

Olive Ridley Turtle’s Nest

Known for their collective nesting, the Olive Ridley Turtles reach the Indian shores during their nesting season and the Odisha coast is one of their largest nesting sites. For some time, their nesting activity has declined drastically in the Indian subcontinent. In 2019, Indian shores did not witness any nesting activities, probably due to the presence of humans, their movements, and waste materials. However, this year, sea turtles can nest in peace, all thanks to the lockdown.

There are millions of olive ridleys located off the coast of Odisha

Recently, more than 8 lakh sea turtles have visited Gahirmatha beach and Rushikulya Kishti. The Odisha Wildlife Organization (OWO) states that about 50 percent of the total turtle population comes to the shores of Odisha for nesting. However, a very small percentage of eggs occur in young people as the incubation period lasts for 45 days and most of them are either destroyed by humans or eaten by animals.

It is estimated that at least 4.75 lakh turtles will be out this year. To build a nest on the shores of Rushikulya beach. More than 60 million eggs will be laid this season. The forest department has directed that animals such as cats and dogs as well as fishing boats be kept away as they also pose a threat to eggs and parents. The world has witnessed the tragic death of thousands of humans due to COVID-19.

However, as it is said, everything happens for a reason. Nature has facing cruelty at the hands of humans, the effect of which we feel every moment. Although the life of humans is now in chaos, nature begins to inflame the damage done by us through the lockout of humans. Are you in agreement? You should not forget to book your United Airlines tickets early.

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