8-yard sale signs ideas!



Here are 8-yard sale signs ideas:

1) Thinking of yard sale sign ideas in advance is the best way to ensure you get maximum yard sale yard sale signs attention. A yard sale yard sale signs in front yard always gets more people than a garage yard sale yard sign. Designate the area outside your house or inside front door as your ”yard” and make yard signs out of bright   colors with markers, crayons, stickers, glitter glue. Make sure yard signs are big enough for cars to stop by safely when you’re on the side of the road (5 x 5 feet minimum). You can also print these yard signs out beforehand! Tape them together so they line up straight for easy readability. Side note: If you are yard sale yard sign printing the signs, make sure you are on an eco-friendly printer or go green by printing yard sale signs out on regular computer paper.

2) Make yard sale signs to label the different spaces in your yard. For example, you could have a “junk” space yard sale signs for all your random stuff you’re giving away. You can also distinguish between garage yard sales and front yard sales by using different colors of markers/pens.

3) Don’t forget to include words like “cash only”, “no early birds”, etc. if they are applicable for your situation. It’s always good to word things simply so people don’t get confused about what is being offered at yard sale yard sale signs.

4) If you want to be extra prepared, it’s always good to make yard sale signs with names and phone numbers on them in case a problem arises where a person needs to contact the owner of the yard sign for more information or clarification. You can also paste these yard signs onto colorful paper and hang them up around your neighborhood before the big day! Especially if you have a lot going on during your yard sale, having peopled come by beforehand is a way to weed out who has time/money during the real deal.

5) Make yard sale yard signs in advance that you can put in the front yard or inside your house if people are coming during the night. They can even be worded “DO NOT DISTURB” because you want to leave yard sale signs outside for cars to see.

6) If you live near a school, get yard sale outdoors early before students arrive and make it known that there is a huge sale going on nearby! There’s nothing like finding out about an amazing neighborhood yard sale when you’re already late for work/school!

7) Put two prices: retail and discounted price. This way if people aren’t interested in buying at full cost, they know what their other options are.

8) Although yard sale signs are the cheapest option, sometimes people only look for printed out yard sale yard sign options. However, you can always take pictures of your signs and put them on social media so people can see all your amazing goodies before they come to the actual event!


Yard sale signs are not always necessary, but they definitely make garage yard sales more convincing and appealing to potential customers. Plus, it’s a good way to promote your event beforehand if you want people to come early or late!

If you’re selling something big like furniture, laundry machines, etc., placing one sign in front yard is not enough- you will need 2-3 larger signs so people driving by can see them from the street. You can put smaller signs inside or out in your backyard for people walking or biking by because they’ll be far less noticeable yard sale signs.

Yard sale signs are a great way to advertise your garage/yard sale and attract first-time buyers. If you’re not already a yard sale signs pro, take a look at yard sale signs next time you’re having a garage.

Yard sale signs are a great way to advertise for your upcoming event. Yard sign printing is relatively cheap and makes it easier to get the word out there!

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